Fits perfectly like a tailored suit

Fits perfectly like a tailored suit

Our philosophy

We believe that people thrive in an optimum working environment. This can be achieved by working by means of a phased method, which guides you in the process from gaining inspiration to final completion. The working process is foremost in creating functional and pleasant working surroundings. Every furnishing project goes through a process. The best way to manage this process is to apply a standardized phased approach. Even if it regards just a small project.



The developments that have effect on the working process are ranged in four categories. Sociological developments show, for instance, an increase of part-time work and a search for a balanced working and private life. The growing use of internet and wireless communication results in technological developments. Organizational developments show a broader acceptance of organizational constructions such as working in project teams. And the increase in costs for a single workstation is an example of economical developments. 


Creating movement

Current working processes change and new working methods originate. The world around us is moving constantly. It is important to keep your employees in motion to keep them up to date with the latest developments. We will support you in this processif needed, to create an ideal working environment where people can work more effectively, more efficiently and with more meaning. The furnishing philosophy Life at Work can be applied in all sorts of different office ventures and also works well for health care facilities and educational institutions.

In short

Your organisation is in constant development. As time progresses, working processes change. This often affects your work environment as well. Gispen can assist you in transitioning from your current situation to a new one. We manufacture and supply furniture, but we also provide a full furnishing service – from design up to and including realisation. Whatever service you opt for, we will always provide you with a tailored solution. To achieve this, we always use your working processes and activities as our starting point. We search for ways to make improvements and create an ideal work environment for you. A place where people experience more joy and work more effectively and efficiently. At Gispen we call this ‘A better Life at Work’.

How does that actually work?

The decision to adopt a new interior design is not an easy one to make, many different factors are in play. Facility requirements, occupational health and safety standards and your working process affect your final decision. We will guide you in making these choices in the the Creation phase. A number of services are offered to you including:

Gispen werkproces

1) Working process scan

What are your employees’ most important activities? Focused working or working together, working individually or meeting one another: how is your organisation balanced? What changes are to be expected for the future or would you like to have realised?

Gispen werkomgeving


2) Workshop office innovation

We decide which furnishing concept suits the activities best. A conventional office layout or a working environment that can be used in various ways. And to carry this through on a particular floor or department or even in your entire building.

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3) Interior advice and design

The final step is to offer you a detailed proposal for your workstations. Gispen offers a wide variety of workstations that will do justice to all of your employees and will bring forward new dynamics.

This is a continuing process. After a certain amount of time we will assess whether your furnishing is still in line with your working methods, and make alterations if necessary.



From design to realisation

As mentioned before, we can go all the way in assisting you. From design up to and including final delivery of your new or altered working environment. We will guide you through the phase of development to let you make the right choices. The moment the phase of realisation commences is when the physical work starts. During the phase of use we will give you and your employees advice on how to make optimal use of the furniture.

Those who have already opted for our furnishing philosophy

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