Forming the basis for your optimal work-, healthcare- or learning environment

Forming the basis for your optimal work-, healthcare- or learning environment

Interior design

Working in a motivated, healthy and productive way. Treating people with care and attention. Being inspired and learning effectively. It all starts with a pleasant physical environment. Do you have certain wishes or ideas for your ideal office-, healthcare- or learning environment, but do you lack the expertise to translate these ideas into a concrete design? In that case you should consider Interior Design by Gispen. Together we will devise furnishing proposals and product recommendations for your new, altered or refurbished interior. 

Well-thought-out design

Being able to work, learn or care comfortably starts with a pleasant work-, learning- or healthcare environment. But the question we must ask ourselves here is: which environment suits you? This is something that not only differs per branch, but per organisation as well. After all, your organisation is one of a kind. A number of common denominators are at work here: in the office environment, it is important that we can all work towards the best results in a good, healthy and comfortable way – even when it comes to new working methods. In education, there is a growing need for multi-functional rooms, where learning takes place in various ways. In healthcare, we strive for an environment in which patients and visitors feel at home and where employees can carry out their jobs effectively. 


Are you ready for a new, altered or refurbished interior and do you require a well-thought-out design to get you started? Then Interior Design by Gispen might just be the thing for you.

Those who have already opted for Interior Design

What can you expect?

Interior Design shapes your ideas. You will be presented a detailed image of your new or renewed spaces and their interiors by means of drawings, visuals, materials and specification. Together we will create a tailored interior concept and design based on your wishes, requirements, possibilities and –perhaps even - restrictions. And most importantly: from the ideas of the people who will eventually be using it in practice.

What are your gains?

A well-thought-out design lays the foundation for your optimal work-, learning- or healthcare environment. Working together with Gispen’s interior designers will save you time, money and stress. We would be glad to share our years of knowledge and experience that we gained through many projects in various fields. Our specialists closely follow the latest trends and developments in your field, which they then use to your advantage in the form of a suitable product for your particular situation.

Such solutions include:

- activity-related working, flex-working, Agile working and Scrum

- circular furnishing

- evidence-based furnishing, based on principles from Environmental Psychology

- the learning environment of the future

- the ‘healing environment’

- trends in colour use

- vitality and ergonomics

To this list one can add a broad knowledge of products and materials. Moreover, you will work together with a team of actively involved and accessible people who will go the extra mile to create the best possible design for your organisation and its people. A design created under one roof.

The client’s thoughts

‘We have completed multiple projects together in the past. They often included Interior Design: from furnishing a foyer with board rooms to reconstructing a restaurant into a new, more daring and multi-functional space. Gispen helps you in getting the right look and selecting the right materials, products, dimensions and interior elements. I take pleasure in the fact that Gispen is both our designer, advisor and supplier. You can leave it all in the hands of one organisation, and in this case one that knows us well. Creating and realising work environments truly becomes a joint effort when you work together with Gispen.’

Jos de Vriend Project Supervisor Interior & Office Moving at the Municipality of The Hague

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How does it work?

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Housing inspection

Whether we are asked to furnish a single room or an entire building, we always start by getting familiar with the employees and the identity and activities of your organisation. For this purpose we conduct a housing inspection: which people work, learn or care and which activities do they undertake? Where do these activities take place and how long do they last? Is there anything that can be changed or improved? What does the building leave us with? What do you wish to achieve with your new interior?

Optional: working process scan

We can scan your working process in order to determine what type of environment will suit you best. This online survey will add substantiating figures to the activities that take place within your organisation and can provide an occupancy estimate.

Optional: workshop The New Way of Working

Are you about to introduce a new way of working and would you like to raise support for this within your organisation? We can organise a workshop on The New Way of Working for you. 

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Based on the results of step 1, we will devise a so-called zoning plan. You will be given a first sketch of your new or renewed interior, which will of course be presented to you personally. We will then discuss if and how you wish to proceed.

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Preliminary design

Next is the preliminary design. You will be presented with drawings, different ambiences, matching products and materials. You will get an idea of the direction in which we would like to take the project; we welcome your feedback.

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Final design

We will work out a final design which will be based on your preferences.

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Final details and check after completion

If you approve upon the final design, you will be given an overview of all the products, materials and specifications that are involved. This includes a lighting plan, floor patterns and -if applicable- interior construction. The interior designers will carry out a final check after completion of the project.

Furnishing advice

We live in a world of constant change, both society-wise and in the way we work. As interior designers, we see the trends, market shifts and even larger changes up close. What we learn we pass on to our clients in the form of advice and suggestions. 

Do you have any questions or would you like to get together and discuss Interior Design without any obligation whatsoever? Please contact me.

Carola van de Bilt Gispen Interior Architect

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