For a high-quality interior design, in time and within budget

For a high-quality interior design, in time and within budget

Project management

Our clients are often faced with the challenge of furnishing one or multiple rooms or even an entire building. It is often the case that the deadline for when everything must be operational has already been set. Things must always be completed in time, within budget and in line with quality expectations. Are you looking for someone who can offer assistance and can guarantee a successful completion of the project? Someone who can plan and manage the furnishing process from start to finish – from renovation up until the moving and allocation of furniture, including a quality lighting design and cable management? In that case our project managers are the ones to contact.

Knowledgeable point of contact

In every single furnishing project, there are always more questions. Questions regarding air- and lighting quality, paintwork, styling, window decoration, flooring, cable management…perhaps even questions that have to do with circular furnishing. Whether it concerns an office-, healthcare or educational environment, you always want to offer the users maximum comfort. The new area must simply be spot on and ready in time. Are you faced with a difficult logistics challenge? A complete furnishing that requires a large amount of furniture to be delivered, for instance; from workstations to waiting- or meeting areas. Are you faced with a tight deadline? Or are you, for any other reason, in need of a knowledgeable point of contact that can plan, coordinate and manage your entire furnishing project? In that case you should definitely consider Project Management by Gispen.  

The client’s thoughts

‘We needed a skilful project manager for the renovation and refurnishing of an office tower. We did not have the means to manage everything ourselves. We wanted to bring in experts. And we wanted to be unburdened. This is why we included project management in the tender which we published at the time for the supply of office furniture. Gispen became our supplier. To give you an idea of the size of the project: eleven storeys needed furnishing with an average of 40 workstations per storey. In terms of furniture, it was a complete overhaul; from fixed cabinets to separate pieces of furniture. We had eight weeks per storey. Attending construction meetings, managing the process from start to finish, working together with our regular architect; Gispen’s project manager definitely lifted a lot of weight off our shoulders.’

Wendy Vonk Head of Services, Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel

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What can you expect?

A successful project starts with managing things correctly and making the right decisions at the right time. Our project managers make sure that you will only have to monitor the broad outlines. You will not have to worry about detailed planning and coordinating, that can all be left us. You will be given a clear action plan and full financial disclosure. You will be appointed your own project manager who will answer all of your questions during the furnishing project and who will also manage all communications with external parties – from architects to painters. Any unexpected problems? Your project manager will make sure they are dealt with quickly and effectively. 

What are your gains?

Project Management by Gispen will guarantee that your new interior is ready in time and within budget, and completely in line with what you agreed upon and with the quality you had in mind. Most organisations have their interior thoroughly overhauled every 12 years or so. This is something that Gispen’s project managers deal with on a daily basis. They have a knack for knowing what you want; whether it concerns an office environment, a learning environment or a hospital or other healthcare environment, we have an experienced project manager for every field. They are all involved and accessible people who will go the extra mile to make your project a success, while working closely together with our account managers and our or your interior designers.  

How does it work?

We consider every project to be unique. We therefore assess the size and complexity of each project as well as the specific wishes and demands of the client. This is how we devise our action plan. A common denominator: all of our project managers work according to the MOTIQ-R method. This acronym stands for Money, Organisation, Time, Information, Quality and Risk Management – aspects we actively manage during a project. Our project managers are VCA-certified, enabling them to work at construction sites. This is, in general terms, our working method:

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Your Gispen team, consisting of a project manager, account manager and - if desired - an interior designer, will sit down with you and discuss your wishes for a completely new, partly new or refurbished interior design.    


Optional: working process scan

We can scan your working process in order to determine what type of work environment will suit you best. This online survey will add substantiating figures to the activities that take place within your organisation and can provide an occupancy estimate. 

Diensten Projectmanagement

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Based on the number of square meters, the project manager will provide you with an all-encompassing quote: from furniture, paintwork, interior construction, electrics and a lighting- and air plan to clearing out the building and moving and allocating furniture. 

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You will be presented with a detailed budget and a realistic schedule. If approved, we will get to work right away.

Diensten Projectmanagement

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Your project manager will keep you updated throughout the furnishing project. You will not only be kept in the loop on Gispen’s activities, but also on those of the other involved parties. How (often) we do so depends on the project. This varies from weekly construction meetings with all involved parties to telephone calls made in between.    

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Our project manager will stay involved up until final completion of the project and will provide follow-up services as well if necessary. Together we will add the finishing touch. 


Based on the number of square meters, the project manager will provide you with an all-encompassing quote: from furniture, paintwork, interior construction, electrics and a lighting- and air plan to clearing out the building and moving and allocating furniture. 

Those who have already opted for our project management

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