Working in the present

Working in the present

The New Way of Working


The New Way of Working is all about making changes in mentality as well as in your organisational culture. Nowadays, people can work time and place independently. As a result, the relationship between employees and their employers has changed.

Notions of time and place have become relative. Professionals are able to work in all kinds of places. And be present simultaneously from all over the world. Physically at one place, virtually at the other. Digital information can be accessed from anywhere. Therefore, employees are able to fill in their own work schedules but also determine where they will work best.

Flexible office concepts

The impact of technological innovations on organisations and the many ways of working is drastic and fascinating at the same time. The relationship between employers, management and their employees is changing and is more and more based on trust. Flexible office concepts are needed to support the new generation of workers and their new ways of working.  


Technological, societal and work-related changes are monitored closely and are being translated into tailor-made furnishing concepts. The right analysis of all internal and external factors that influence work, the organisation, working processes and the way of working is fundamental to creating an optimal working environment. The furnishing philosophy Life at Work is founded on  the certainty of constant change.

Ellen lounge
Huiswerk thuiswerkplek

The office that functions as a place to meet

In the past years Gispen has developed various new office concepts which include Living Tomorrow, the House and the Office of the future in Amsterdam. The ‘Balanced office’ concept has been applied many times, in which the office functions as a place to meet, equipped with lounge workstations and ClubDesk tables which are used for work but also for having lunch. Added to that are workstations for focused working versus working environments with flexible workstations, aimed at communication, working together and meeting people. All designs are based on premises regarding future ways of working. 

The new way of working is all about change

The paradox of a term such as The New Way of Working suggests a single working method, while the essence is actually based on change. The New Way of Working is about making changes in mentality as well as in your organisational culture. But also about making a change in work, time, place and the employer/employee relationship. A relationship of mutual trust between employer and employee is key. Just as important, however, is the self-discipline of the employee, who will need to find a new balance between work and time off.


Choosing to work according to The New Way of Working starts with asking yourself whether change will benefit your organisation, what you will gain and what this will all result in. The New Way of Working is not a goal in itself, but an instrument that will improve performance. Employees will be enabled to improve their work, to be more flexible and efficient. By not wasting time in traffic for instance, because they decide where and when they can do their job best.


Gispen offers its guidance throughout the entire process. From defining what is required, to making inventory and analysing working processes, to realisation, guidance and evaluation. Possibilities, advantages and disadvantages are summarised, to get a clear picture of what gains can be expected for the organisation and its employees. But also to get a picture of how this will affect the actual way of working, and therefore the interior design of the working environment and the changes within the working- and organisational culture. In which form will. The New Way of Working be applied, assessing the need for extra support for employees and management, to be able to implement the changes in the best possible way.



Gispen’s working method in developing new furnishing concepts consists of three stages. The stage of development, stage of realisation and the stage of use. During the stage of development we will zoom in on your working processes and look into recent developments that might be relevant to you. The next step will be to  determine how The New Way of Working can be implemented into your organisation best, with a matching working environment.

‘The New Way of Working appears in many forms and gradations'

Marieke Kamperman Senior Interior Designer Gispen

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