Making abstract things tangible

Making abstract things tangible

Visualisation & graphic design

What will our future work-, healthcare- or educational environment look like? How many workstations will fit in the available space? Gispen’s Studio provides sketches, drawings, presentations and visualisations to make abstract things tangible. In 2D, 3D or even film footage.

You are ready for a new or redesigned interior and you have an idea for it in mind. Or at least some specific requirements for it. You would now like to see a visual representation of it. From mood boards to fully worked-out furnishing proposals; Gispen’s Studio provides you with a clear picture of your new products or environment.

What can you expect?

A helicopter view of the entire work area along with routes and a detailed description per room. Another option is a detailed visual image of the products. We can illustrate things in different ways for you. Gispen’s account managers, project managers and interior designers work closely together with the Studio and form a tight-knit team. At the Studio we have graphic designers, 2D- and 3D- illustrators.  

They provide:

- Floor plans in 2D

- Renderings at product level

- Renderings of environments

- 3D-walk throughs

- Graphic manifestations such as visuals and signage


Our proposals are accompanied by visual presentations and complete product brochures. We will compile clear product order books for you should you decide to make use of our services. The Studio also provides furniture allocation illustrations, so that it is clear for both mechanics and movers what the environment must look like. Health and safety standards are included in these illustrations.

Visualisatie en Grafisch ontwerp studio

What are your gains?

Not only do we like to use specific floor plans and designs to convince our clients, the latter can also use our visualisations to convince others. A facility manager who passes on information about a new product or furnishing to his own clients, for example. From atmospheres to colour schemes up until the definite number of workstations in a room – we can illustrate it all.

Visualisatie en Grafisch ontwerp studio

How does it work?

Should we enter into agreement, the Studio will take up your questions and requirements and translate them into a product. This can either be a presentation or a product book or even a short animation or film. Are we to provide a complete furnishing? In that case the Studio will help to determine lay-outs, ambiences and numbers. You will be provided with a sketch, a preliminary design and, when approved, a final design. Of course, this will all be presented to you personally and there will always be room for input and finetuning. Do you need a single, specific visualisation or a corporate design illustration? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we can always be of service.

Visualisatie en Grafisch ontwerp studio

The employee’s thoughts

‘A list of requirements, numbers and products often does not suffice. Only when we give a visual presentation of our offer do we see a truly enthusiastic client. This is when things become tangible. Our visualisations also form a good basis upon which we can continue our discussions together. Is this what you had in mind? Is this the right colour scheme? It is simply easier when you have something tangible in front of you. And that is exactly what makes my job so enjoyable. Translating ideas and livening them up and giving people a better idea of what they are getting.’

Lisette van Veluw Graphic designer at Gispen

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