Numerical foundation for an optimal work environment

Numerical foundation for an optimal work environment

Working process scan

Every organisation wants its employees to feel at ease in their work environment. The right amount of space – not too big, but not too small either. Different areas that suit different activities. Do you require a solid foundation? Facts and numbers that form the basis for a well-thought-out design? In that case, the working process scan is just the thing for you.

The productivity is higher and the absenteeism is lower in a work environment that is well-adapted to the activities and wishes of the employees. People will also communicate better and share knowledge more easily. Moreover, an efficiently-designed work environment can be cost-saving. Gispen offers the working process scan to organisations that are in need of insight into their working processes and that want to translate this data into their interior design.


Activity-related environment

Productivity is higher in a work environment that is suited to the activities and wishes of the employees. Workplace absenteeism is lower and communication between employees will improve. Knowledge is shared more easily and more frequently. In addition, a bespoke and well-designed work environment can limit your expenses. Gispen offers the Working Process Scan for organisations that require insight into their working processes and want to translate those into an activity-related environment.


What can you expect?

The working process scan is a digital survey that your employees take part in. They will be sent a link that directs them to a number of questions which they can answer anonymously and in a short period of time. Some examples of survey questions are: how many hours do you spend in the office on a weekly basis? Which days of the week are you present? What type of activities do you carry out during those days? How much time do you expect to be spending on certain activities? The survey is specified to your organisation. Gispen will collect all the data and provide you with a report that is easy to comprehend. The report will also include the expected occupancy for each separate room.

How can you benefit from this service?

The working process scan is a good starting point for a clever and well-suited interior design. The facts and numbers resulting from the scan will allow you to make well-considered decisions regarding your office. Decisions that your employees will support, considering that they were all given the opportunity to provide input. Their opinions have been taken into account, which will make them appreciative of the new or adapted work environment they are presented with.

How does it work?

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We always start by meeting up in person and discuss how the survey will be implemented. The survey will always include a series of standard questions, but you will have the opportunity to add a number of specific questions, which we will help you draft.

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Gispen presents you with a digital survey that is tailored to your organisation. You will receive a link which you can forward to all of your employees, along with a personal message, if required. The survey shall take no longer than 20 minutes, and can be undertaken whenever it suits the respondent.


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Gispen will collect all the data and write a report that includes results, calculations and projected occupancy numbers.

We will go over and double-check the report with you personally. This includes going over the results with your department managers to see whether the outcome is realistic and workable. We will also ask them whether our interpretation of the data is correct.


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At this stage, you will have a sound basis to work from; the starting point for a tailored furnishing concept which Gispen can provide you with. A well-considered design for either a new, adapted or refurbished work environment.

Gispen interior architect

‘How much time do you expect to spend on the various activities you are involved in? And how many hours do you expect to be at the office during these activities? When you scrutinise the survey results, you are often surprised at the outcome. A clever interior design adapts to the reality. Facts and numbers that we collect internally are very valuable in this process.’

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