The New Way of Working TOGETHER: from home and at the office

The New Way of Working TOGETHER: from home and at the office

The social distancing office environment

As far as Gispen is concerned, The New Way of Working TOGETHER is now a fact. In the light of the Corona measures, we can distinguish four important trends: more remote working, the office as a meeting place, a new layout for the social distancing office and less travel and more videoconferencing. Every single client is unique with their own challenges when it comes to the new reality of office work. Gispen offers a tailored solution for any situation. As you have come to expect from us, flexibility and bespoke solutions are the starting points of our services. It is also in these times that we will provide you with an effective solution as quickly as possible: from workplace cleaning to a social distancing application and from project management and temporary storage to working remotely.

Our solutions

Keeping solutions up to date

Sharing knowledge and insights is vital to working within the context of the abovementioned trends. Your input gives us insight into your challenges which, in turn, allows us to come up with matching solutions. Solutions that are constantly evolving and changing because of the new reality of office work. It is only TOGETHER that we can continue to deal with the impact of the Corona measures at work constructively.