New layout for the social distancing office

New layout for the social distancing office

Redesigning the work environment

In order to limit the spread of infection in the workplace, keeping a distance of 1.5 metres is a minimum requirement. However, what are the implications for your office? Do you need to pull apart desks or will you need dividing screens too? And where will all your surplus furniture go? How do you prevent people from bumping into each other in your building? It is paramount for every solution that it does not interfere with the social function of the office. Together with our interior architect, we will find the best layout for your social distancing office, while respecting your corporate identity and processes. What we aim for: a result-oriented office with healthy employees who feel connected to the organisation.

New layout for the social distancing office

Distance, safety and hygiene have consequences for the layout of offices. Guiding principles include the effective use of space as well as the efficient use of your existing layout. Agile workstations will change back into personal or reserved workstations for hygienic reasons and to, ultimately, prevent the infection from spreading. This is where the social distance application is particularly handy, locating an available space for employees upon arrival.


Separating employees through (transparent) screens placed in between workstations is a quick and effective solution. Office booths for undisturbed videoconferences are also a great way to keep a social distance. A clever layout will allow you to use your office space as optimally as possible. And if you are left with any surplus furniture, you can temporarily and safely at Gispen’s.


Efficient routing through the office is also part of designing a new layout. One-way traffic will significantly reduce contact between employees, for example. The layout must also prevent group formation at the coffee machine and needs to allow for safe queuing at the company restaurant. Through nudging and signage, we will make it easier for your employees to keep their distance and remind them of the hygiene measures.

A fictitious auditorium within a social distancing office

A fictitious auditorium within a social distancing office

The figure to the right illustrates a fictitious auditorium. A new layout has been created while retaining a large part of the existing furniture, all based on social distancing guidelines.


There is no solution that fits all; all the wishes and requirements of the client are taken into account to create the most ideal situation for this particular time.A fictitious auditorium within a social distancing office

Do you need assistance or advice?

A flexible redesign scheme can be of great value for the future. Such a layout will make it possible to quickly adapt your work environment to new situations. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We would be happy to assist you in shaping your social distancing office according to the principles of the New Way of Working TOGETHER.

Furnishing advice

These are turbulent times with a lot of change, both in society and in the way we work. As interior designers we are aware of the trends, market developments, the larger changes. We pass these on to our clients through our advice and suggestions.

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