Encouraging health-conscious behaviour through nudging

Encouraging health-conscious behaviour through nudging


Nudging, or influencing subconscious behaviour, has been present in the workplace for some time now. We stimulate employees to keep in motion and to stand behind their desks, for example. The experience we have gained with nudging can now be put to good use in stimulating people to keep ample distance and reduce the risk of infection. Routing, stickers with symbols and clear signage on floors, walls and screens help to remind people of hygienic measures and stimulate subconscious good behaviour among employees.


Signage can be used quickly and easily to create new routes through the building. You can use lines or arrows to indicate directions, for example. Clear instructions with symbols can be placed at counters, the company restaurant or the toilets, reminding you of the hygiene rules and keeping a social distance. All the signage is easy to place (and remove) on floors and walls.


Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organisation. We will be happy to take up the challenge to shape your social distancing office according to the New Way of Working TOGETHER.

A word from the interior architect

We at Gispen have already gained a lot of experience with nudging – gently encouraging people in the right direction – resulting in more movement and working while standing. You can structurally change people’s behaviour through interventions in design, motivational apps and offering a choice between 'good' and 'better'. In doing research, we have learnt that the effects of one week of Workplace Nudging were still clearly visible after seven weeks. We can therefore conclude that nudging seems to bring about a positive change in behaviour – also in the long term. Using our experience, we would like to assist you in nudging your employees towards social behaviour and, by doing so, minimizing the risk of infection.

Carola van de Bilt Gispen interior architect

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