Redesign for The New Way of Working TOGETHER at a distance

Redesign for The New Way of Working TOGETHER at a distance

Work environment redesign

The 'new standard' calls for a redesign of your office layout; workstations need to be placed further apart. However, who is going to rearrange the work environment? And where will you leave your surplus furniture? Gispen offers a project management service as well as technicians to realise all the necessary changes. In addition, we offer temporary storage of furniture, called Asset Management. Your office chairs and workstations are quickly inventoried, identified and temporarily stored. And when the time comes, Gispen technicians will quickly assemble and reinstall everything in the desired location.

Safe workspace

Would you like the reassurance that your employees can use safe workspaces right away upon return to the office? When you have Gispen realise the installation and assembly of your furniture, everything is allocated correctly and done so at the agreed time – installed according to the current hygienic requirements, cleaned and ready for use. Our experts will take care of the adaptation and completion of your work environment, where everything is where it needs to be, fully functional and ready for action after testing. When it comes to managing large projects, you will have a single point of contact: the chief technician. He or she will also consult and coordinate with technicians from other suppliers on site, if necessary.

Temporary storage

You may need temporary storage of furniture as a result of the Corona measures. Our storage option is flexible in both time and space. As an additional service, Gispen can take the entire logistical process out of your hands: from coordination and implementation to (dis)assembly and relocation. This service will fully unburden you. The delivery of furniture, the relocation of workstations and/or storage as well as returns of furniture. We are regularly asked to provide these services while a project is already underway. In providing this service, you will have a single point of contact to whom you can turn with all your questions. Our employees have thorough knowledge of the products and know how to handle them. Good to know: whenever we move workstations from one place to another, we can also reinstall and hook up all the equipment for you.



Logistiek beheer

Asset Management

Having a complete overview of all your furniture. Would you like to be updated on what your organisation owns in terms of furniture? From the type of furniture to its status? Our furniture management system can keep track of everything. We will manage the system; making sure you know what is kept in storage during the Corona lockdown – with all the added benefits.


The Gispen furniture management system keeps detailed information about all your furniture:

- The number of items

- Location(s)

- Age and status 

- Value when new and replacement value

- Available stock


Gispen will fill and manage the system for you, even during Corona times. You can choose to have viewing-only access and have us maintain all the data, or you can have direct access to update your own data. Good to know: the furniture management system can manage all your furniture, either from Gispen or other suppliers. It is also possible to directly submit a service request via the system. Is a certain product in need of maintenance or does it need replacing? You simply draw up a report, send all the data that is stored in the system and Gispen will take swift action.



asset management

-        The number of items

A word from the project supervisor

Even though it has become a cliché: unburdening is the true essence of good project management. This is also mentioned in the feedback we get from our clients – how great it is to not have to worry about anything. You are the director of a project, first point of contact and source of information at the same time. As project supervisor, you know all the ins and outs. This is precisely what makes it easy for both the client and myself.

Ed Wulterkens Gispen project supervisor

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