Directed straight to a safe workspace while keeping ample distance

Directed straight to a safe workspace while keeping ample distance

Social Distance Application

The Social Distance Application informs your employees about the available workstations upon arrival at the office. The app prevents your employees from having to roam the building and its narrow corridors and cramped elevators looking for a workstation. The software assists your employees in finding an available workspace in a targeted way, reducing the risk of getting infected at work.



social distance applicatie

Safety and privacy guaranteed

In order to feed the Social Distance Application with data, every workstation will be fitted with a sensor that continuously and anonymously measures whether the workstation is free or occupied. This monitoring feature is standalone, which means it functions independently from your network; safety and privacy guaranteed.


The sensor is powered by a cordless charger. Additonal power outlets are not needed, making the application fully plug & play.


We can install the cordless charger and sensor and neatly conceal it with a cover in any desk, counter or conference table; it is also possible to retrofit it to previously installed furniture. The Social Distance Application will not only allow you to quickly adapt your work environment for the New way of Working TOGETHER in a social distancing office, it is also applicable to new furnishings and refurbishments.



social distance applicatie

How you can benefit from the Social Distance Application:

- Real-time workstation occupancy monitoring

- Find a suitable workstation in a targeted way

- Reduces the risk of infection

- A fully autonomous system, separated from your ICT system

- GDPR compliant in accordance with European privacy regulations

- Cordless charger, without (replacement) batteries

- Plug & Play

- An affordable solution


Have we sparked your interest?

We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of the Social Distance Application within your office environment. This application is offered together with our partner ZENS.

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