Professional cleaning service for chairs, sofas, computers and more

Professional cleaning service for chairs, sofas, computers and more

Gispen cleaning service

In order to guarantee the continuity of your activities and processes and to minimise the risk of infection, you may need to redesign your office and have your employees come to the office in shifts. In addition, personal hygiene and proper cleaning of surfaces including tabletops, armrests, keyboards, etc. are crucial to reducing the spread of infection. Gispen has thorough knowledge of office materials and can therefore properly instruct a specialist to disinfect a workspace without damaging any office equipment.

Professional cleaning

It is also in Corona times that we offer advice about special hygiene, cleaning and disinfection. We provide professional cleaning of all types of seats, upholstered products and computers. In addition, we can advise you on the cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings and window blinds. Cleaning and dirt and stain-repellent treatment of office furniture prevents staining and ensures that fabrics are easy to maintain. Antibacterial impregnation provides an extra hygienic protective layer.

Deep cleaning

One must not forget about cleaning keyboards, computer mice, monitors, laptops and phones. Keyboards are particularly full of bacteria, dust and skin flakes. Computers attract a lot of dust, which can cause malfunctions or even a fire hazard. Deep cleaning of equipment is a specialist task.  

Dienst Reiniging werkomgeving

Periodic cleaning

Periodic professional cleaning will contribute to a healthy, hygienic and representative work environment. In addition, it will extend the lifespan of your equipment – as well as the depreciation period. The environment has our full attention: we use 100% responsible cleaning agents.

Maintenance inventory

You can have a maintenance inventory done along with the clean-up. We will carry out a technical check and see whether furniture items need additional maintenance. Ensuring that your furniture is not only clean and cared for, but also completely up to date.

A word from the project supervisor

We have extensive knowledge of office materials and can properly advise you on how to keep your products clean, or send a specialist to disinfect your workspace without damaging the equipment. Feel free to contact us and discuss the possibilities.

Dennis van Zanten Gispen project supervisor

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