A better life at school

Working in a stimulating and interactive learning environment is the ambition of students, teachers and management. We apply the furnishing philosophy ‘A better life at school’ to create a unique learning environment.


Working method

A phased working method is implemented. The furnishing philosophy assumes that every company is unique. The learning process is the starting point for creating a new situation. The activities that take place provide the basis for furnishing. In education, these activities can be categorized into five main activities.                                                

  “We have experienced Gispen as an innovative and committed supplier.”
– Fontys sporthogeschool Eindhoven

Influence of market developments

Leraning gets more meaning by working together with partners from business and by having contact with the outside world. An increasing number of activities take place outside of school. The school itself has become more and more a meeting point for students and teachers. Students want to work on computers, give presentations, brainstorm, have progress talks with teachers and lounge comfortably.

What counts for students, also applies to teachers. They need to be enabled to fully facilitate current  skills-based teaching. In a good ambiance with the right (ICT) means and with access to the new media.

The Gispen education group monitors all developments and continuously translates these changes into concepts for education environments. Our specialists will be glad to inform you of the possibilities. You can also contact us for advice on design and guidance for furnishing your complete building or a single space.



Be inspired by our education program.


We contributed to creating ‘better life at school’ with ROC Friese Poort, Fontys, Reeshof College, University of Twente,  University of Tilburg, Sint Lucas, Highschool of Amsterdam and many other  educational institutions.

More information

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