Everything falls into place

Everything falls into place

Existing furniture services

You have selected your new furnishing concept or furniture layout. This is when we get to work! There is a lot to take care of in little time. Our experienced and knowledgeable project leaders will save you time and effort during this phase. The result: a brand new interior design completed in time and within budget.


Maintaining your office furnishing will keep it in shape. After all, intensive use demands regular inspection and continuous care. Gispen provides maintenance in the fields of technology, cleaning and ergonomics. Control over your workstations, chairs and cabinets. Instructions on cleaning upholstery, carpets and sunblinds. We also advise on how your interior can be adapted to meet current demands. Together we will put together a maintenance plan that suits your situation and your kind of use.


Returning furniture might be necessary when you have a surplus of furniture. We offer various solutions which include storage, sales mediation, online auctions, selling off furniture to private workstation projects or swiping your interior clean with Gispen GreenLife. The proceeds depend on your choice. A safe and swift removal of the furniture is guaranteed. 

Allocation of workstations

Is your organisation subject to change? Is one of your departments moving to another floor for instance, or is your complete organisation moving into another building? In that case you want to have professional coordination and execution. Gispen can provide you with qualified movers who work according to a detailed moving plan. They will relocate your employees rapidly to allow operations to recommence quickly. 

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