Professional cleaning of furniture, computers and more

Professional cleaning of furniture, computers and more

Gispen cleaning service

Schoonmaak en dieptereiniging op het anderhalve meter kantoor


Naast ruime afstand tussen werkplekken is goede reiniging van de werkomgeving cruciaal om het risico op besmetting te verkleinen. U kunt bij ons terecht voor schoonmaakadvies volgens hygiënevoorschriften voor het gehele kantoor.
We verzorgen specialistisch schoonmaakonderhoud van alle soorten zitmeubilair en meubelstofferingen. We bieden dieptereiniging van apparatuur zoals toetsenbord, muis, monitor, laptop en telefoon. Daarnaast kunnen we u adviseren over de reiniging van vloeren, wanden, plafonds en raambekleding. Gispen heeft kennis van de materialen en kan daarom goed een specialist aansturen om de werkplek te desinfecteren zonder dat dit de materialen van de werkomgeving aantast.

It is always a great feeling when you have a clean chair or sofa to sit on, or even better, having one that stays clean. Without even considering the type of upholstery or colour that has been applied. In a healthcare environment, hygiene is even more important than it normally is. No matter whether it concerns a healthcare-, office- or educational environment; a well-maintained interior will always last and remain attractive longer. Gispen provides a thorough cleaning service for your interior – in collaboration with experts in the business.

What can you expect?

Gispen can either give advice on cleaning or provide a professional cleaning service for all types of furniture, upholstery and computers. In addition, we can give advice on how to properly clean floors, walls, ceilings and blinds. Making furniture dirt- and stain resistant will prevent it from getting dirty and make it easier to clean. Anti-bacterial impregnation provides an extra hygienic protective layer.

Cleaning your keyboard, mouse, monitor, laptop and phone is also something one must not forget. Especially keyboards, which are full of bacteria, dust and dander. Computers attract a lot of dust, which can cause them to break down or even become fire hazards. Deep cleaning is an expert job.

We offer a complete service: while cleaning your furniture we check whether it needs maintenance. During this process, we check the functionality of all systems and assess whether maintenance is required, ensuring that your furniture is not only nice and clean again, but mechanically up-to-date as well.

Dienst Reiniging werkomgeving

How can you benefit from this service?

A periodic expert cleaning contributes to a healthy, hygienic and presentable work environment. It also extends the lifespan of your interior – and with that the depreciation period. The environment is something we always consider; we only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents. A crystal dry cleaning is used for seating, which saves considerable amounts of water. We always try to find the right time for cleaning to take place in order to not disturb your daily activities. The cleaning takes place on site and, if required, after hours so that your employees can get right back to work the next morning. Do you want to start using your new and existing furniture at the same time? In that case we will send two teams and ensure that your existing furniture is cleaned and checked while the new furniture is being delivered.

How does it work?

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We always start by meeting up in person. Do you only require our cleaning service? Or would you like us to carry out maintenance of your furniture at the same time? During this meeting, we will also make an inventory of the types and quantities of furniture – or other interior elements – that we are dealing with.


Dienst Reiniging werkomgeving

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You will be presented with a cleaning (plus maintenance) plan. This can include both a one-time-only cleaning job and a recurring, periodic cleaning service. In the latter case, we will draw up a contract together.

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If we receive your approval, we will get to work for you. We will make concrete agreements as to dates and times on which the cleaning will take place, making sure your employees and working process is not interrupted.

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