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Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (1888-1964) is internationally seen as one of the great innovative furniture and interior designers of the 20st century.

Though his works counts over more than 200 designs for buildings, Rietveld is especially known for his Rietveld Schröderhuis in Utrecht which he designed in 1924 according to the ideas of De Stijl.

Thanks to his famous Red-blue Chair, Rietveld was at that time a well know figure among the international Avant-Garde en his work had a great influence on his contemporaries. As well as in his architectural work and in his furniture and interior design, Rietveld strove for creating space through size and limitations.

He also strove for sobriety by designing without overflowing shapes and ornaments.

Gerrit Rietveld learned his skills by his father who owned a carpentry in Utrecht. As of 1904 he took an evening course at the Utrechts Museum der Kunstnijverheid, he worked at the goldsmiths workshop of jeweller C.J.A.

Begeer and he studied Architecture at Architect P.J.C. Klaarhamer. In 1917 Rietveld opened his own furniture studio.

The year after he designed the prototype of the later Red-blue Chair, which was originally designed out of blanc wood. In 1919 he met Theo Doesburg and architect J.J.P. Oud and he became employee of magazine “De Stijl”.

Rietveld felt strongly related to the views of De Stijl, which were in line with his believe in pure and contemporary designs and that every traditional shape or method had to be eluded.

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