CIMO All Green workstation

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Product description

The durable nature of CIMO really comes into its own in this All Green model. The soft, upholstered dividing screens in, for example, a green fabric and the poplar multiplex top with wood finish give the setup a natural feel. CIMO All Green is only one of many clever, modular setups. You can add a cover or side panel at any time. The final result is a place of work where one can really concentrate. You can liven things up by attaching pictures, notes or even flower vases with magnets to the metal perforated screen. How green can it get? Like its cousins, this particular CIMO setup also allows for an alternating work posture, due to its quick ability to adjust from sitting to standing. This is done via a manual crank handle which is, in turn, another positive contribution to the green and sustainable character of this workstation.


  • Open and transparent
  • Natural look, green feel
  • Height adjustable workstation for two
  • Healthy working due quick-adjust sit-stand functionality
  • Circulair en flexible 


The CIMO All Green setup really comes into its own in open office environments where a natural look is desired.


In this open workstation for two, the columns of the frame are connected via an open yoke. The open frames of this setup are always height adjustable by means of a crank handle. Both from 65 to 90 cm and 70 to 120 cm as well as 65 to 130 cm (conform NPR1813:2016). The manual crank handle adjusts the desk by no less than 3 cm with each rotation; systems that have been available up until now only adjust by 3 mm per rotation. A massive improvement that makes electric systems practically redundant. This is user-friendly, cost-effective and sustainable, of course. The modular nature of CIMO ensures that there are many different models and setups to choose from.


CIMO All Green is one out of many different CIMO workstations, such as the CIMO Smart White, CIMO All White, CIMO Versus, CIMO Warm Wood and CIMO Natural Black. 

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen CIMO
Designer Peter de Boer