CIMO Natural Black workstation

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Product description

CIMO Natural Black distinguishes itself with a purely architectonic look. A sleek but warm design. Technical and tough. The modular layout of CIMO allows every architect to design their very own CIMO setup. Even after many years of use, you will still be able to add or change components. Form and function go hand in hand: the mechanics of the height adjustment system are neatly tucked away in the columns. The slidable tops, on the other hand, allow for easy access to the cable ducts so that your ICT workers can carry out their jobs without any hassle.


  • Architectonic look due to tough-looking, dark wood
  • Height adjustable workstation for two
  • Ergonomic working due to sit-stand functionality
  • Circular and flexible


CIMO Natural Black is perfectly suited for tough- and industrial-looking open office environments. The sleek design also applies well to other business settings.


The columns of CIMO are only 4 cm thick and 16 cm wide. The slim profile gives the setup a slender look while still providing all the benefits of a sit-stand workstation. CIMO provides architects with a wide variety of choice in order to create their own interior design. The dividing screens come in perforated steel for a tougher look and in felt for a more slender, austere look. The characteristic CIMO crank handle for height adjustability is a great feature. The slightly longer handles ensure a smooth and quick transition from a seated to a standing work posture. One can choose between adjustability of either 70 to 120 cm or 65 to 130. Non sit-stand setups can be adjusted between 65 and 90 cm.


CIMO Natural Black is one out of many different CIMO workstations, such as the CIMO Smart White, CIMO All Green, CIMO Versus, CIMO Only White and CIMO Natural Black.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen CIMO
Designer Peter de Boer