CIMO Only white workstation

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Product description

The CIMO Only White setup signifies a peaceful workstation with a sleek design. Perfectly suited for a modern, open business setting. Characteristic features are the seamless metal screens and panels which are only 4.5 cm thick. The dividing screen in between the worktops – which are subtly perforated – contributes to the acoustics of the room. This will allow employees to concentrate while working. CIMO also stands for ergonomic working; the setup allows for easy alternation between a seated and standing work posture. Moreover, CIMO meets all (inter)national ergonomic requirements. A tranquil look is guaranteed; the cords and cables of computers and laptops are neatly tucked away in wide cable ducts.


  • Height adjustable workstation for two
  • Sleek, professional look
  • Ergonomic working due to sit-stand functionality
  • Slender screens and panels
  • Circular and flexible


CIMO workstations are absolutely ideal for open office environments. The screens and panels provide privacy, help the users concentrate while working and give the setup a modern, professional look.


The frames of CIMO are height adjustable by means of a crank handle. Both from 65 to 90 cm and 70 to 120 cm as well as 65 to 130 cm (conform NPR1813:2016). The crank handle adjusts the desk by no less than 3 cm with each rotation, a massive improvement when compared to systems that have been available up until now, which only adjust by 3 mm per rotation. The tabletops are slidable and have been equipped with clever magnetic cabling holders. Furthermore, you can choose between many different models and setups. Various colours and tabletop finishes allows for every workstation to be unique.


CIMO Only White is one out of many different CIMO workstations, such as the CIMO Smart White, CIMO All Green, CIMO Versus, CIMO Warm Wood and CIMO Natural Black.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen CIMO
Designer Peter de Boer