CIMO Smart White workstation

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Product description

Is your organisation subject to constant change? This requires a flexible interior, which is something CIMO can provide. Two separate desks are easily transformed into a workstation for two without even having to use nuts and bolts. The metal wall legs simply connect to one another via magnets. The CIMO Smart White setup has both a warm and professional appearance. The upholstered dividing screen combined with the poplar multiplex worktops ensure a friendly-looking and peaceful place of work. As with all CIMO setups, users can easily alternate between a seated and standing work posture. CIMO meets all (inter)national ergonomic requirements.


  • Easily transformed from two separate desks into a workstation for two
  • Both a warm and professional appearance
  • Height adjustable workstation
  • Quick-adjust sit-stand functionality
  • Circular and flexible


The flexible CIMO workstations are absolutely ideal for organisations that are constantly changing. The design is both friendly-looking and professional.


The columns of CIMO are only 4 cm thick, which means that the wall legs only have to be 4.5 cm thick. This is what makes the design look so sleek. The frame of the CIMO solo table is height adjustable by means of a crank handle (sit-sit from 65 to 90 cm, sit-stand from 70 to 120 cm and from 65 to 130 cm,conform NPR1813:2016). The metal wall legs are available in a wide range of colours. The modular design of CIMO allows for a wide variety of types and models. Even the optional dividing screens has many upholstery options.


CIMO Smart White is one out of many different CIMO workstations, such as the CIMO Only White, CIMO All Green, CIMO Versus, CIMO Warm Wood and CIMO Natural Black.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen CIMO
Designer Peter de Boer