CIMO Versus workstation

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A solo CIMO setup finished in one colour can match well with an austere, architectonic furnishing. The optional flat black tabletop finish of the CIMO Versus setup is soft to the touch and does not leave any fingerprint marks. This CIMO workstation is a good place to start when installing an interior design that is easy to alter when requirements change at a later point in time. T-leg setups can be changed to wall-leg setups, for example. In addition, the modular nature of CIMO allows you to easily transform solo workstations into workstations for two. CIMO meets all (inter)national ergonomic requirements. A healthy work posture is guaranteed with the quickly adjustable sit-stand functionality.


  • Solo CIMO workstation, completely finished in one colour
  • Solid basis for workstations for two
  • Black top, fingerprint-proof
  • Ergonomic working due to sit-stand functionality
  • Circular and flexible


CIMO Versus solo workstations are perfectly suited for offices, or as solitary workstations in an open office environment. CIMO Versus also makes for a pleasant conference table, which is easy to adjust for either a seated or standup meeting.


The CIMO Versus setup can be fitted with an XM tabletop finish. This finish is soft to the touch, has a matte finish (easy for the eyes) and does not leave any fingerprint marks. The frames of the CIMO Versus workstations are height adjustable. Both from 65 to 90 cm and 70 to 120 cm as well as 65 to 130 cm (conform NPR1813:2016). The manual crank handle adjusts the desk by no less than 3 cm with each rotation; a massive improvement compared to systems that have been available up until now that only adjust by 3 mm per rotation. Choose your own design: the columns can hold legs that are either upright or at an angle. You can also choose between a chipboard or polar multiplex top in various thicknesses. Like all CIMO setups, this solo workstation can be fitted with a tilting cable duct. Clever magnetic cabling holders allow for a flexible, vertical routing of cords and cables.


CIMO Versus is one out of many different CIMO workstations, such as the CIMO Smart White, CIMO All Green, CIMO All White, CIMO Warm Wood and CIMO Natural Black.  

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen CIMO
Designer Peter de Boer