CubiC 80 dual wall sitstand workstation

8 weeks leadtime

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Product description

Ellen Sander designed the workstation furniture for the Rabobank that was developed in cooperation with Gispen to create the CubiC programme.

CubiC 80 is a broad workstation programme that can be used to create an optimal workstation configuration. Whether you are considering a communal work environment, a flex working arrangement or an individual work environment, CubiC enables you to create the best possible configuration for the task at hand. Create a more open environment for a communal work environment and a more closed configuration for individual workstations. Added bonus a pleasant luxurious work environment. With Gispen ZitSta solutions you can alternate between standing and sitting. Too much sitting causes pain, strained muscles, damaged intervertebral discs and fatigue. This configurations consists of smooth 130 cm high walls.


  • Height adjustment electric
  • 80-mm-thick walls
  • Wall 130 cm high
  • Polished steel
  • 30-mm chipboard melamine worktop
  • Convenient cable duct with sliding worktop for cable management purposes


  • Upholstered partitions
  • Perforated partitions
  • Perforated exterior panels


  • Cable Cubby for smartly hiding access to power and data cabling
  • Cable duct for horizontal cabling
  • Cable door for vertical cable lead-through
  • Sideways cabling for group configuration

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Brand Gispen
Designer Peter de Boer
Furniture line Gispen CubiC
Stock status 8 weeks leadtime
Product dimensions width: 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 cm
depth: 80 cm
Cable tray with cable tray
Sit / stand Yes