Eduu Classic

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Product description

Eduu Classic is a characteristic lesson set that is suitable for all different applications in education. Whether it is classroom teaching or collaboration, Eduu Classic always works. For the Eduu series, the best quality materials were used, making all parts very durable and therefore student proof. The shells are attached to the frame with pop rivets, for an extra strong connection. Both the chair and table are available in different heights to create the right learning environment for every student. With the wide palette of colors, you can easily adapt the furniture to your learning environment.

  • Stackable
  • Student proof
  • Comfortable
  • Easy cleaning


Eduu Classic classroom furniture sets are suitable for intensive use such as in classrooms, lecture halls and examination rooms.


The plastic tub in the Eduu series is always the same, choose a frame yourself to change the function of the chair. The table tops and table frames are also interchangeable. All parts can easily be replaced or upgraded on location. Mix and Match your ideal combination.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Eduu
Designer Gispen Design Team
Additional information All Eduu table frames are available with a round or square tube. All chairs are in stock, all tables are available from October 2018.