Eduu Floor

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Product description

Eduu Floor encourages people to think outside the box and stimulates students’ creativity. Ideal for group work or brainstorming sessions; Eduu Floor will literally make you see things from a different perspective. The separate seat with floor gliders is also suitable for outside the classroom. Students can take their seats outside during recess and can even set it down on a set of stairs and sit comfortably. Simply grab the chair by the handle and take a seat!

  • Student-proof
  • Sit on the floor comfortably
  • Frame with floor gliders for grip
  • Stimulates creativity


Eduu Floor is suitable for flexible working within education. For group work or brainstorming sessions, for example. Also applicable for use in hallways or during recess.


The polymer seat of the Eduu furniture series is universal. By simply changing the frame you can change the function of your Eduu chair. Every single component is easily replaced or upgraded on site.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Eduu
Designer Gispen Design Team