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Product description

The assortment of drawer units can be universally applied to all Gispen furniture programs.All models are castor based and available in various dimensions. The pedestal is available in a single version of 60 cm or 80 cm deep and in two models 32 cm and 42 cm wide. The height of the drawer units depends on the model; 49.5 cm or 54 cm. The pedestals are equipped as standard with central locking and drawer locking. The central locking locks all drawers of the unit and the drawer locking prevents multiple drawers from opening at the same time. A counterweight is placed in the back of the unit to prevent tilting.

Practical, universally applicable,
ideal for personal storage

The drawers

The pedestals are assembled from a number of fixed-height sections. There are two options: 9HE and 10HE, which are differentiated by the type and number of drawers. The pedestals can be equipped with a supply drawer for small office supplies. This supply drawer can also be assembled to your desired specifications. Applying a visible or invisible supply drawer affects the dimensions of the pedestal. The invisible supply drawer is located behind the top drawer (which can only be a 3H drawer), but only when there is no visible supply drawer in place. The supply drawer is equipped with a plastic inlay tray. The pedestals are equipped with drawers and/or file drawers. The metal drawers have flat fronts with integrated handles. A perforation pattern offers the possibility to insert boundaries at will. The file drawers are standardly supplied with a metal A4-frame. All drawers are equipped with 105% extension filedrawers.


  • Rollaway, 4 castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • Lockable by key
  • Universally applicable
  • A counterweight to prevent tilting
  • Two height, depth and width dimensions
  • Height 49,5 cm, therefore fits under every desk, even in its lowest position
  • Optional with supply drawer
  • Optional with worktop
  • Optional with invisible supply drawer


Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Pedestal
Designer Gispen Design Team
Product dimensions width: 32, 42 cm
depth: 60, 80 cm
height: 49,5, 54 cm
Additional information Frame and drawers from steel, structure lacquer, on wheels, 3 drawers with lock