MECANOO by Gispen

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Product description

MECANOO by Gispen is an innovative and modular series of furniture. Although developed for the education sector, it also serves its purpose in other sectors. MECANOO by Gispen consists of a series of elements with a seemingly straightforward basic shape, which can be linked to form endless combinations. This allows you to create a custom-made learning- or working environment that facilitates various activities.

Gispen MECANOO by Gispen configuratie


  • Great furnishing flexibility within your existing structures
  • Unity and serenity in your interior due to the universal base structure
  • More workstations when compared to a traditional furnishing
  • Learning and working in an ergonomic way
  • All of your desired technology is within reach
  • A sustainable and timeless solution that will withstand the test of time

Forming components into endless combinations

When we take a closer look at education, we find that no semester is the same when it comes to the curriculum and teaching methods. MECANOO by Gispen offers a solution to this problem by being adaptable and addable. A set of chairs and tables which is being used for working in groups in the first semester, can be altered for studying or doing research by adding a canopy. Another example is to connect chairs to form a bench. And there are many other configurations to be made.

Gispen MECANOO by Gispen modulariteit

Interior unity

MECANOO by Gispen materials determine its characteristic warm appearance and friendly round shapes. Every configuration consists of a steel frame, beechwood and a canopy of PET-felt which ensures pleasant acoustics.Whichever layout is applied, a universal overall image is guaranteed because of the recurring base elements. The steel frame is available in various colours, which allows you to match MECANOO by Gispen to your existing environment. Tailor-made solutions are also possible because the design and manufacturing process is kept in-house. The end result is a landscape of modules which are fully in line with one another.

Gispen MECANOO by Gispen* configuratie

Great applicability, long life of use

MECANOO by Gispen wide variety of uses can also be utilised in other sectors – in offices for instance, cultural venues or hospitals. From meeting people to focused working; MECANOO by Gispen offers a solution to any situation. The added benefit of MECANOO by Gispen is that you will be able to fit more workstations into a room than you would in a traditional furnishing. Moreover, MECANOO by Gispen is a timeless solution that will withstand the test of time. Any alterations, add-ons or upgrades are easy to arrange.

Smart applications

A number of smart solutions have been used to integrate the technology into the furniture. The tabletops for instance, which offer two power-outlets and two USB-chargers for laptops and phones as standard. In addition, slidable tops are as standard, to allow every user to adjust the table to his/her own ideal working position. Lighting is optional and will switch on and off by means of a sensor. 

Circular manufacturing

The concept of the circular economy was our starting point for designing and manufacturing MECANOO by Gispen. We constantly searched for ways to create as many configurations as possible from the fewest number of components. We can use the same wooden shell for all seating models for instance. Every part is fully (de)mountable and reusable. MECANOO by Gispen also consists of:

  • Wood from reforestation forests
  • PET-material is recyclable
  • Steel (also very recyclable)
  • Screw- and snap connections instead of glue


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