Nomi Comfort chair

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The Nomi Comfort chair has a tubular cantilever frame with a chrome finish. The chair allows for more movement because of the flexibility of the frame. Nomi Comfort can be ordered with or without armrests. The shell is identical to any other model within the Nomi collection, while the different frames make each model suitable for a different application. Just Meijer took inspiration from his uncle, W.H. Gispen, for designing Nomi Comfort. The result is a modern designer chair with a classic look. Nomi Comfort gives you some room to shift, which makes it an ideal conference chair. The bare polymer shell has a sleek look to it, but the (removable) cover allows for some variation and will give it a warmer look. Nomi Comfort is stackable and comes with floor gliders for hard floors.


  • classic look,
  • conference chair,
  • extra comfort,
  • stackable,
  • with or without armrests


Nomi Comfort chairs are ideally suited for conference rooms, consulting rooms, the hotel and catering industry, cafeterias, waiting areas and dining rooms.


Each model within the Nomi collection uses the same shell. The cover also has a universal application. The frame of Nomi Comfort comes with a chrome finish (other finishes are available upon request) and can be ordered with or without armrests. The shell has a range of 6 different colours to choose from. Nomi Comfort is stackable by a maximum of 5 chairs and can be fitted with felt floor gliders for hard floors.


When we were designing Nomi, we already took account of future returns and reuse of the components and materials. Gispen takes responsibility for the entire lifespan of this product. When a Nomi product has reached the end of its lifespan, Gispen will take the product back and give it a new function or refurbish it. Due to a score of 68% on the circular ladder, we have awarded Nomi with 3 stars on our circular model.

Circulair design framework Gispen Nomi



Nomi Project is part of the Nomi chair collection that also includes Classic, Wood, Design, Work and Project.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Nomi
Designer Just Meijer
Stock status 9 weeks leadtime