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Nomi Work has been specially designed for the type of activity in between teamwork and focused work. Castors have been fitted to the frame for mobility, which gives it more flexibility. Nomi Work is perfect if you just want to grab a chair to sit down at the table and work from your laptop for a while. Nomi Work is also well suited to use during conferences. This dual function makes this Gispen chair ideal for The New Way of Working.

The universal armrests can be added or removed at any time, which will allow you to use the chairs for multiple purposes within an office environment. The special design of the seat allows the shell to flex and support your body as you move, which is good for your back and will help to prevent complaints. Are you looking for some extra comfort? Add a cover to the seat; the foam padding is nice and soft.


  • true design,
  • conference chair,
  • (flex)workstation chair,
  • luxury appearance,
  • armrests can be added separately (interchangeable)


Nomi Work chairs are ideally suited for conference rooms, flex workstations, classrooms for practical activities, working at home, team workstations and brainstorming sessions.


Each model within the Nomi collection uses the same shell. The cover also has a universal application. The universal armrests can be added or removed at any time. The frame of Nomi Work is available in a wide range of colours, which match with the colours of the shell. The base of the chair has a chrome finish, which gives it a luxury appearance. The chair comes with floor gliders, of either felt or plastic for hard or carpeted floors, or with universal castors.


When we were designing Nomi, we already took account of future returns and reuse of the components and materials. Gispen takes responsibility for the entire lifespan of this product. When a Nomi product has reached the end of its lifespan, Gispen will take the product back and give it a new function or refurbish it. Due to a score of 68% on the circular ladder, we have awarded Nomi with 3 stars on our circular model.

Circulair design framework Gispen Nomi


Nomi Work is part of the Nomi chair collection that also includes Classic, Wood, Design, Project and Comfort.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Nomi
Designer Just Meijer
Stock status 9 weeks leadtime