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Circular design

Gispen’s Sett CE is not simply a designer sofa; this sofa is made of 95% recycled material!

In order to reduce the production of plastic waste, Gispen has taken its own plastic waste and has made a sofa out of it. We 3D printed old plastic cabinet doors and packing materials to create the shell of Sett CE, for example.

When you reuse materials, you must always make sure that they are separable again, ensuring that they can be reused in future production processes. All materials of the Sett CE sofa are separable and the innovative technology ensures that every single component can be reprocessed into a new product.

Closing the loops

Plastic is worldwide problem that causes massive damage to the environment, people and animals.

The equivalent of one truckload of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute. This equals 1.440 truckloads every 24 hours and 8 BILLION kilos a year (source: plastic soup foundation).

A solution to preventing plastic from becoming a waste product is by making it a valuable material. We discard plastic bags without even thinking about it, but we would never throw away a golden ring. Why? It’s worth money! We can add value to our plastic waste by reprocessing it into a designer product, up to 10 ten times over.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Sett
Designer Peter van de Water
Stock status 9 weeks leadtime
Fabric Divina