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A warm welcome

A person’s first impression when walking in is important to every organisation. Offering a warm welcome is a nice gesture and puts visitors at ease. Kolm tables are designed specially for small groups of people to sit (or stand) together in an informal setting.

Whether this is in a reception area for a cup of coffee, or across from a lounge sofa in a restaurant, this table is multifunctional due to the column in the centre which allows people to pull up and take a seat from all sides.

Kolm reception tables are ideal for rooms that fulfil multiple functions. A café setting with tables at either standing or seated height is easy to realise due to round or square tabletop shapes.


  • Classic design
  • Choose between a wide variety of dimensions and tabletop shapes
  • Table legs are available to support a standing posture (110 cm) or seated posture (74 cm)
  • Choose between a round, square or rectangular base
  • Square and rectangular tabletops can be given rounded edges for more practicality in both design and use


Kolm tables are suitable for all types of waiting areas in office-, educational- or healthcare environments. Opt for a round table for a friendly look or a square table for optimal ease of use.


All Kolm tables share the same universal frame. Simply select a tabletop and leg of your choosing and find the ideal combination for your application. The various components are easily upgraded or replaced on site. Kolm's modular system not only makes it practical for you as a user, it is also sustainable: Gispen can take back any redundant components and give them a new lease of life.

Gemeente Deventer Kolm tafels

Select the right size

Combine components and select the right size to design your ideal reception table. Good to know: the type of table leg and its positioning can affect the number of available seats. We will be glad to offer you our advice!



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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen KOLM
Designer Peter de Boer