TM Dual SitStand workstation

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Product description

An alternate way of working and the solution for collaboration, that is Gispen TM Dual SitStand Workstation. Working in different heights: standing at a work surface, sitting on an office chair. The adjustable surface can be quickly adapted to the desired working height. The table tops are mounted on one frame, so there is more space on the floor for cleaning. Less material means lower costs which is also better for the environment. The intermediate screen does not move along with the height adjustment, which provides a clean look when using multiple dual workstations.

The TM Dual SitStand workstation is a collabrative workspace, but with the possibility of personal height adjustment. Ideally suited for different users in a communal workspace. Flexible, communal, personal. Adjustment range from 64 to 130 cm.


  • Basically, a design for two persons
  • Can be easily expanded to a table unit for four or more users
  • Can be fitted and adjusted to the height needs of any individual
  • One fixed frame with round or square legs
  • Minimal number of components
  • Ergonomic
  • Adjusting distance of 66 cm, in 16 seconds
  • Multiple options
  • Well-to-wire horizontally
  • Ergonomic (Per user to set the blade height)
  • Screens keep the same height which makes for a quiet image
  • Function rail for accessories in need of ergonomics and tidy workplace

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen TM
Designer Peter de Boer
Sit / stand Yes