TM Dual workstation

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Product description

With our TM Dual workstation, Gispen provides the opportunity to create a communal design. The TM Dual workstation is a collective workspace, but with the possibility of personal height adjustment. Ideally suited for different users in a communal workspace. Flexible, communal, personal.


  • Basically, a design for two persons
  • Can be easily expanded to a table unit for four or more users
  • Can be fitted and adjusted to the height needs of any individual
  • One fixed support section
  • Minimal number of components
  • Multiple options
  • Well-to-wire horizontally
  • Ergonomic (Height set per user )
  • Screens keep the same height which makes for a quiet image
  • Function rail for accessories in need of ergonomics and tidy workplace

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen TM
Designer Peter de Boer
Sit / stand No
Additional information Easily expendible for four or more users.
One fixed frame, so less materials needed.
Complementary colours and materials to our cabinets and pedastals.
Comes with a central cableduct.