TM Dual workstation

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Product description

With our TM Dual workstation, Gispen provides the opportunity to create a communal design. The TM Dual workstation is a collective workspace, but with the possibility of personal height adjustment. Ideally suited for different users in a communal workspace. Flexible, communal, personal.


  • Basically, a design for two persons
  • Can be easily expanded to a table unit for four or more users
  • Can be fitted and adjusted to the height needs of any individual
  • One fixed support section
  • Minimal number of components
  • Multiple options
  • Well-to-wire horizontally
  • Ergonomic (Height set per user )
  • Screens keep the same height which makes for a quiet image
  • Function rail for accessories in need of ergonomics and tidy workplace

TM Duo

TM furniture collection

The Gispen TM programme, with its wide range of desks and tables, has been on the market for 15 years now. Numerous organisations make use of TM workstations in their offices. In fact, it has been the best sold workstation for years. And because work environments change over time, the requirements we set to our workstations change as well. This is why we have further developed the TM programme. The renewed version of TM with improved functions (such as sit/stand models), Cradle to Cradle certification and bright new colours is future-proof. What is also worth mentioning is that the new TM collection will match perfectly with the current one. Would you like more information, or perhaps see the new collection in person? Please inquire with your account manager or contact us. 

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen TM
Designer Peter de Boer
Sit / stand No
Additional information Easily expendible for four or more users.
One fixed frame, so less materials needed.
Complementary colours and materials to our cabinets and pedastals.
Comes with a central cableduct.