TM sitstand conference table

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Product description

“meetings conducted standing up are 34% shorter, without the quality of the decision-making or results being affected. ”

Prof. dr. Peter Vink, Ergonomics and Innovation Team Manager at TNO

The Gispen Sit-Stand meeting table makes meeting markedly more efficient and effective. Having a meeting standing up increases awareness, reducing the duration of meetings by more than one third. If the subject under discussion requires more rest and comfort, you always have the option of sitting down again. More active, more alert, more efficient, and freer.

TM sitstand


  • Holding a meeting standing up reduces meeting times by more than 30%
  • The quality of decision-making and results remain the same
  • Suitable for any meeting, thanks to its flexibility
  • Freedom of choice leads to greater satisfaction: sitting, standing, or even half standing
  • Effect has been researched by TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)
  • Suitable for between 2 and 10 persons
  • Height adjustment range: 64-130 cm (NPR 1813 - 2009)


Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen TMNL
Designer Peter de Boer
Sit / stand Yes
Additional information Available with an oval top 150x240cm, a round top with a diameter of 160cm,
a rectangular top of 150x240 and a square top of 160x160cm.