Gispen Meta Furniture line - FP Collection - Offecct

Clear and well-organised archiving. This is possible with the Gispen Meta cabinet range. Gispen Meta is versatile due to its various possible layouts; archiving on shelves, in drawers and pull-out frames. Binders, hanging files, data files and letter boxes can all have their own place. The ingenious measurements provide optimum storage capacity. For instance, the 70 cm high side/top cabinets have a well-thought-out inside dimension holding two roll out file frames. The 120 cm high tambour door cabinets will fit three rows of binders. The cabinets have floor levelers which can be adjusted from the inside.

Commitment; a Lifecircle for contemporary interiors. Everything that Offecct does isdedicated to their mission of creating sustainable meetings and sustainable life cycle for furniture.
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