A pleasant place to stay or to work, feeling at home

A pleasant place to stay or to work, feeling at home

Health & Well-being

You want to offer your patients and visitors a place where they can feel at home. At the same time, you want to offer a pleasant working environment to your employees. Gispen is your partner when it comes to the furnishing of your health care institution. Whether this concerns new construction or renovation, we will share our thoughts with you and create a furnishing concept that suits you. We are here to provide inspiration, creation and realisation as well as maintenance and rejuvenation. 

Every institution is unique

Every institution is unique, with its own intentions and requirements. More and more researchers are looking into the ‘healing environment’ and how it affects people. On the other hand, every square inch of space must be used to its full potential. Every institution deals with this in its own way. There is a common denominator however: the more pleasant the environment, the better people will perform. And the better the environment, the better patients will feel. And that is what it’s all about.

We do it together

We take furnishing with Care quite literally. And you are not on your own. Your healthcare institution, working processes and environment are our starting points, to which we add our many years of experience and expertise. Together we will come up with the best possible working environment for your employees. As well as a place where your patients and visitors feel at home.

We take furnishing with Care quite literally. And you are not on your own. Your healthcare institution, working processes and environment are our starting points, to which we add our many years of experience and expertise. Together we will come up with the best possible working environment for your employees. As well as a place where your patients and visitors feel at home.

The client’s thoughts

‘We order nearly all of our workstation- and waiting room furniture from Gispen. The biggest advantage is that I only have to be in contact with a single supplier. Who arranges everything for us. Is there something not right with the stitching of one of our sofas? I just give my contact person at Gispen a call and it’s taken care of. This saves us time. A customer-oriented and supportive approach – that is how Gispen distinguishes itself, which is also the reason why we have been working together for years.'

Irene Reiziger Project manager Moving & Furnishing

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More examples

Our working methods

What can you expect when you call upon the services of Gispen? We would like to discuss that with you in person over a nice cup of coffee. The secret behind our working methods is set out below.

Gispen team Healthcare

Gispen has its own team of specialists for the healthcare sector. Interior architects, sales staff members, business managers, account managers and project supervisors who have been working with healthcare- and well-being institutions for years. People who keep themselves updated on the things that matter. Seasoned professionals that take the time to listen to your particular needs, but who will also give you an honest and expert opinion from their experience in the industry. Meet interior architect Nelleke, whom we interviewed on environmental psychology.

Full service from A to Z

Gispen is an advisor, manufacturer and supplier. We can always be of service; whether it concerns furnishing a single room or a full interior. Do you have something unique in mind? We design our products in-house. Tailored to fit specific needs, working in close collaboration with our clients. We not only manufacture new pieces of furniture, we can also refurbish and adapt your existing furniture so that it once again meets the current requirements and will last for another decade. We like to think along and become partners with our clients. Should you opt for Gispen, you will have a single contact person within Gispen to whom you can direct all of your questions.

The client’s thoughts

‘Having gone through a thorough selection process, we finally opted for Gispen. Their trial setups really caught our eye. Functional products, well-matching colour schemes, sustainable materials that will last at least ten years and are easy to keep clean. And everything had to be one hundred per cent senior-friendly, of course. Gispen supplied everything for our hospital in Delft, a full interior of about 9,000 items in total. Gispen has offered us the very best of what can be found on the market today – and they don’t even mind supplying products from other manufacturers.’

Deborah Nieuwesteeg Project Supervisor New Construction

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From inspiration to renovation

You choose the service you need from us:

Nummer 1 | Gispen


- Working process scan: what is your current working method, can it be improved?

- Workshop office innovation: how will a new working method affect the layout of your interior?

Nummer 2 | Gispen


- From sketch to preliminary design to final design for your educational environment

- Includes project advice and -management

Diensten Projectmanagement

Nummer 3 | Gispen


- Installation and assembly

- Cable management

- Workstation user instructions

- Renting out temporary solutions

- Leasing: alternative financing

Nummer 4 | Gispen


- Technical and ergonomic maintenance

- Storage- and stock management

- Inventory control

- Relocation of workstations    

Nummer 5 | Gispen


- Interior and atmosphere redesign

- Adapting your interior to new working methods

- Returns and, if possible, recycling of your furniture if no longer eligible for refurbishing


Central reception

This where you greet your clients. Or visitors. They might feel a little uneasy. A warm welcome might change that. With friendly shapes, soothing colours and different areas for waiting or meeting someone.


Outpatient area

Waiting for your appointment? You’d prefer to do so comfortably and with privacy, with various seating options to choose from. That way your visitors are offered just that little more control in an uncertain situation.


Short stays

We try to make those who stay with us for an entire day feel at home. The living room setting of the accommodation will provide this feeling. A comfortable and pleasant room due to carefully selected materials, colour schemes and different seating heights.

Children’s playroom

Game consoles on the wall. Whacky elements. Quirky seats. The children’s playroom will provide the necessary – safely of course – distraction during a stay.


Rooming in

Rooming in concepts make it possible for loved ones to stay the night with their sick family member. Armchairs or sofas can be easily unfolded to form a comfortable place to sleep. 


Long stays

A family room for the loved ones of patients who are seriously ill. Or a living room in departments where family become part of the healthcare team. Where you can spend some quiet time together. A place that removes you from the hospital scene for a little while.

The client’s thoughts

‘A combination of Quality with a capital C and genuine interest in your wishes. Having the talent to physically step into a room and visualise exactly what you need. The Gispen team Healthcare helps you in making the right decisions, from the design to colour schemes up until reasonable prices. They are familiar with the regulations in healthcare and ensure that everything is allocated to exactly the right spot in the building, without us having to worry about anything. That inspires confidence, which is why we have been working together for years.’

Marijn Broere Account Manager Procurement St. Antonius Hospital

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Furniture that ensures a pleasant stay

A family room for the loved ones of seriously ill patients. Or a living room in wards where family members become part of the healthcare team. An area where you can sit down together in peace. A place that gets you away from the hospital environment for a moment.


Consulting-/ examination room

A personal consult. Minor medical procedures. Or a flexible working area for specialists. The consulting-/ examination room has many faces. This demands multi-functional furniture. 



Medical furniture

The treatment room has been thoroughly tested. Easy to keep clean and equipped with highly infection-repellent upholstery. Essentials for the furniture in your treatment rooms. We offer a wide range of medical seating solutions.

Patient room

The patient rooms are equipped with safe, comfortable and space-saving furniture. For patients as well as visitors. The ideal patient room offers comfortable chairs, convenient folding tables and sturdy folding chairs for extra visitors. All of hygienic materials of course. 

Treating or being treated

No matter the conversation, whichever chair you grab. You will always sit right in a Gispen chair and you will always be comfortable behind a Gispen desk.

Meeting people

Visitor’s restaurant

A good cup of coffee. Having a moment to yourself to get away from the commotion or tension for a while. This is where you can withdraw from the hospital – atmospheric styling, comfortably furnished.

Staff restaurant

Having lunch with colleagues. An informal meeting after lunch. Create a place in your restaurant where employees can withdraw for a while. An area different from the working areas. With a wide range of seating options.

Outdoor furniture

Who doesn’t find peace in daylight and in nature? Your visitors will be able to get some fresh air on the outdoor terrace. Livened up by playful outdoor furniture, and very popular among children.


Let’s meet and catch up

A good cup of coffee. A moment of quiet for a release of tension. An area where you can withdraw from the hospital for a moment – atmospheric design, comfortably furnished.

Healthcare team

Providing the best possible healthcare environment demands vision, experience and expertise. Gispen has therefore established its own specialised team for the healthcare sector, which deals with various challenges set by hospitals and care institutions. From hospitality and senior friendliness to specific demands for patient security, fire safety and hygiene. Focussing on contemporary themes such as new ways of working and sustainable ways of employing your people.

Matthijs Elsing Senior Business manager Gispen

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Working individually


Height adjustable desks and chairs that can be used for different purposes. Ergonomic and available in various designs. Add cabinets, drawers, consultation workstations and accessories, such as monitor arms, and you will have formed the perfect base for contemporary workstations in your healthcare environment.

Temporary seating areas

Looking for a place to spend a maximum of two hours processing data or going through information? This is possible at the temporary seating area – a temporary working area that meets all of your demands. From multiple workstations tucked closely together to corner sofas with acoustic shielding in front of an adjustable table.

Shielded workstation

Working without distractions, just for a minute. Utter concentration. Using a fully adjustable workstation – all by yourself or in small groups. Acoustic solutions dampen any ambient noise.


Working individually, tailor-made

Flexibly usable desks and chairs, height adjustable. Ergonomically sound. Available in different models. By adding cabinets, drawer units, conference booths and accessories such as a monitor arm, you will lay the foundation for a contemporary place of work in your healthcare environment.

Interior design

We take furnishing with Care quite literally. And you are not on your own. Your healthcare institution, working processes and environment are our starting points, to which we add our many years of experience and expertise. Together we will come up with the best possible working environment for your employees. As well as a place where your patients and visitors feel at home. Every project in healthcare in different, but they share the same commitment; people always come first.

Nelleke Lagerwerf Interior architect Gispen

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Holding meetings

Holding a meeting can be done in many ways. In a formal setting, often in a closed room. Or a bit more informal in an open area with low furniture. Or how about a standup meeting!? Anything goes, as long as we achieve our goal: making good decisions as a result of efficient meetings and pleasant encounters.

Health & Well-being brochure

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Brochure Zorg en Welzijn | Gispen

Furnished by Gispen

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