'A pleasant place to stay or to work, feeling at home'

'A pleasant place to stay or to work, feeling at home'

The healthcare environment

As a healthcare institution, you want to offer your patients and visitors a place where they can feel at home. At the same time, you want to offer your employees a pleasant work environment. More and more research is being conducted into the 'healing environment'. In optimising care environments it is also important to use the available space as efficiently as possible. We will share our expertise with you to create the best possible furnishing concept for your organisation – whether it concerns new construction, renovation or replacement. And we will do so from our motto of ‘sustainable design’. 

Sustainable design

Gispen creates sustainable healthcare environments which positively influence people. We offer many years of experience in the healthcare and well-being sector; an added benefit is our experience in the education and office sector. Additionally, Gispen is the best in its field when it comes to circular housing.

Featured projects

The client’s thoughts

‘We order nearly all of our workstations and waiting area furniture from Gispen. The biggest advantage is that I only have to be in contact with a single supplier who arranges everything for us. If  something is not right with the stitching of one of our sofas, for example, I just give my Gispen contact a call and it’s taken care of. This saves us time. A customer-oriented and supportive approach – that is how Gispen distinguishes itself and which is why we have been working together for years.'

Irene Reiziger, Innovatiemanager Haga Ziekenhuis I Project manager Moving & Furnishing

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From an outpatient appointment to staying overnight, from consultation room to restaurant

We realise complete interior designs for healthcare institutions, but you can also call upon our services for the furnishing of a single room. From waiting areas to rooms for short or long stays. Consultation and examination rooms equipped with multi-functional furniture; making sure these rooms can be used for counselling, minor medical procedures or agile working by medical specialists. Ergonomic workstations in various designs for your back-office up until a restaurant where visitors and employees can find some peace and quiet to unwind from all the commotion.

The client’s thoughts

‘A combination of Quality with a capital Q and genuine interest in your wishes. Having the talent to physically step into a room and visualise exactly what you need. The Gispen Healthcare team helps you in making the right decisions, from the design to colour schemes up until reasonable pricing. Gispen is familiar with the regulations in healthcare and ensures that everything is allocated to exactly the right spot in the building, without us having to worry about anything. That inspires confidence, which is why we have been working together for years.’

Marijn Broere Account Manager Procurement St. Antonius Hospital

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The Gispen Healthcare team

Gispen has its own team of specialists for the healthcare sector. Consisting of interior architects, office staff, business managers, account managers and project supervisors who have been working together with healthcare institutions for many years. Seasoned professionals who take the time to listen to your particular needs, but who will also give you an honest and expert opinion from their know-how of the industry. A good of this is described in the interview with interior architect on Environmental Psychology.


Inrichten met Zorg nemen wij heel letterlijk. We doen het samen mét u. Uw zorginstelling, uw werkproces en uw omgeving zijn ons uitgangspunt. Daar voegen wij onze jarenlange ervaring en expertise aan toe. Om samen te komen tot de best denkbare werkomgeving voor uw medewerkers. En een omgeving waar uw patiënten – én bezoekers – zich thuis voelen.

'Elk zorgproject is anders, er is 1 verbintenis; de mens staat altijd centraal'

Nelleke Lagerwerf Interieurarchitect Gispen

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Circular housing and furnishing

We attach great importance to sustainability and a ‘circular’ housing method; a mindset shared with more and more healthcare institutions. The circular economy is certainly not a hype. Many recent developments have made it possible to produce and consume in new ways. Reuse, loss prevention and less waste production still serve as our guiding principles in this process. We have opted for circular design, manufacturing and entrepreneurship. Will you join us?

Benefits for your organisation

  • High-quality furniture
  • Value-retaining furniture
  • Be guaranteed of that ‘new’ feeling, even when it concerns refurbished items
  • Only pay per use
  • Contribute to the environment

Benefits for your environment

  • Loss prevention of raw materials
  • Less eco-tax
  • An increase in local employment

Inspiratiebrochure Zorg & Welzijn

Inspiratiebrochure Zorg & Welzijn

Inspiratiebrochure Zorg & Welzijn

In deze brochure geven wij u een blik op de talrijke opties die er zijn voor de inrichting, indeling en sfeer van uw zorgomgeving.

"Vraag direct een inspiratiebrochure aan via het contactformulier hiernaast"

Peter van der Linden Businessmanager zorg

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From inspirations to renovation

You choose the service you need from us:

Nummer 1 | Gispen


- Working process scan: what is your current working method, and how can it be improved?

- Workshop office innovation: what can a new work method do for your layout?

Nummer 2 | Gispen


- From sketch to preliminary design to final design for your healthcare environment

- Includes project consultation and management

Diensten Projectmanagement

Nummer 3 | Gispen


- Installation and assembly

- Cable management

- Workstation user instructions

- Renting out temporary solutions

- Leasing: alternative financing

Nummer 4 | Gispen


- Technical and ergonomic maintenance

- Storage- and inventory management 

- Inventory control

- Office furniture relocation 

Nummer 5 | Gispen


- Interior and office atmosphere redesigning

- Adapting your interior to new working methods

- Returns and, if possible, recycling of your furniture if no longer eligible for refurbishing

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