Care unburduned

Our specialism is to let people thrive in an atmospheric environment. An optimum environment for health care and welfare institutions is essential for those who need care and for those who provide it. Due to the effort of our specialists, we can achieve these objectives in collaboration with the client.  


A phased working method is implemented to achieve these objectives. The furnishing philosophy assumes that every company is unique. The care process is the starting point and the activities that take place provide the basis of furnishing. These activities in health care can be categorized into six main activities.                                                    


“We have worked together with Gispen very pleasantly. The diversity in problems, demands fitting solutions. The phased deliveries at multiple locations did not prove to be a problem for Gispen.”

- Haga Hospital

Influence of market developments

The way you want to distinguish yourself as a health care institution is affected by the increasing freedom of choice by clients. The market-forces that result from increasingly transparent demand call for a strong positioning of your health care institution. Foremost is your medical expertise and a wide range of associated tangible subjects such as accessibility, waiting lists, hospitality and customer-friendly conduct. New health care concepts such as Healing environment and Planetree contribute to a better working atmosphere in health care institutions. The increasing commercialization will give you more responsibility in housing charges and in utilizing available space.

The Gispen care group monitors the developments and continuously translates these changes into concepts for health care environments. Our specialists will be glad to inform you of the possibilities. You can also contact us for advice on design and guidance for furnishing your complete building or  a single space.



In order to meet the versatile demands of the care environment, a special collection of products has been put together.

Be inspired by our care programme


A contribution to the creation of a “Healing Environment” was made for the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Deventer Hospital, Martini Hospital, St. Antonius Hospital, Haga Hospital and Haven Hospital.


Would you like to know more?

Our care team is available for realizing an optimum environment. This team consists of consultants, interior architects and project managers. Would you like to have a non-committal introductory meeting? Then please provide your details here and we will contact you within 24 hours (during office hours).