HUGG Workstation

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Product description

The basic principle of the HUGG furniture system is that it brings about tranquillity and intimacy in open spaces to allow for activities such as conferring, agile working and focussing. HUGG will allow you to create a quiet workspace for meetings and concentration within a dynamic work environment.

The modular system makes it easy to change the shape, appearance, function or accompanying accessories of your HUGG product. HUGG will match any corporate identity and embraces different activities.

Gispen HUGG concentratie werkplek 

HUGG literally hugs the workspace it creates and, by doing so, allows you to work in total concentration. The acoustic panels not only dampen sound, they also create a physical separation from a dynamic space. 

The different heights of the panels and the shape of HUGG provide different levels of privacy. HUGG offers your employees a place where they can focus on their task at hand in peace and quiet. If you provide the workspace with power and network sockets, personal lighting and an easily adjustable office chair, you will create the best possible workstation for focussed working.

The benefits of the HUGG workstation

  • Optimal privacy
  • Visual and acoustic separation from the rest of the office
  • Activity-related working
  • Easy to adapt or expand on site

Gispen HUGG Cabinet


HUGG workstations are ideally suited for open-plan work environments where different activities take place. Perfect as an agile workspace or for focussing in a busy office or educational institution where activity-related learning is applied.


All the components of HUGG are modular. By combining components you can change the application. You can add tables, seats and multi-media applications to create the desired function. All the components are easily replaced or upgraded on site. Mix and match to create your ideal combination.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line HUGG
Designer Basten Leijh