HUGG Panels

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Product description

HUGG literally hugs the workspace or workspaces it creates. One can also use separate elements from this furniture collection for placement around workstations or conference tables. This will create both a visual and acoustic separation from spaces where different activities take place within the same office environment.

The shape, panels, elements and (functional) accessories can be altered on site at any time. One can, for example, use HUGG elements to create a U-shaped wall with a TM desk for-one; a more secluded space with a single opening or a conference room of 350 by 250 cm where you can hold a comfortable meeting with 8 people.

 HUGG stimulates dynamic working and boasts different types of workstations for different activities. HUGG contributes to the vitality of your employees and increases creativity and productivity within your organisation.

Gispen HUGG wanden systeem



  • Modular system
  • Design your own
  • Different levels of privacy
  • Activity-related working
  • Contribute to the Circular Economy by means of returns and reuse


HUGG panels are suitable for open office areas where people may need privacy. HUGG will allow you to create quiet conference areas and secluded workstations. HUGG is ideally suited for multi-functional offices that adopt an activity-related work method.



All the components of HUGG are modular. By combining components you can change the application. You can add tables, seats and multi-media applications to create the desired function. All the components are easily replaced or upgraded on site. Mix and match to create your ideal combination.


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Brand Gispen
Furniture line HUGG
Designer Basten Leijh