Gispen Nomi meubellijn - Gispen - Casala - Just Meijer

A chair designed by Just Meijer, who is not only passionate about chair design but whose family also has a historic relationship with Gispen. This has resulted in a one of a kind and comprehensive seating programme: Nomi. Distinguished by its versatility and a high level of comfort.

Casala is known for contract furniture, furniture to be deployed where design is to prove its functional worth: in congress halls and churches, at offices, universities and government agencies, and in care centres. As you can see, Casala's contract furniture could be used for many different purposes.

Just Meijer en zijn familie hebben een bijzondere relatie met Gispen. Geboren op West Java (Indonesië), keert hij in de jaren ’50 met zijn familie terug naar Nederland. Zijn vader richt KEMBO meubelfabriek op, samen met zijn achterneef Willem Hendrik Gispen. J

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