Strive chair

8 weeks leadtime

Product description

Strive is aesthetically calm and elegant. The basic design by Giancarlo Piretti combines well with a wide variety of architectural styling.

Brilliantly flexible comfort

The Strive by KI can be applied in a wide number of settings. Strive has proven its quality. An authorized independent testing institute in the United States has put  strain on the flexible back of Strive a million times, and Strive has withstood the test. This is eight times more than required. The flexibility, and therefore comfort, is provided by the 5 “strives” in the backrest.

There will always be a suitable Strive due to its many varieties.


  • Dynamic backrest
  • 14 colors of plastic
  • Chrome steel wire frame. 20 other optional finishes
  • 10 year warranty
  • Stackable
  • Optional slider pads

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Brand KI
Designer Giancarlo Piretti
Stock status 8 weeks leadtime