Volpino chair

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Product description

orm and can be translated as "little fox". In many cultures, the fox has a strong symbolic role in folklore, often depicted as a cunning and intelligent animal. The name is well-chosen, as this series is characterized by a "foxy" design language.

Kusch Volpino

This series, characterized by a highly individual design language, is ideally suited for a vast array of uses. Its esthetics breathe charm and jauntiness. The seat shell design is inspired by the concept of "cocooning". Just like the developing butterfly is encased inside a cocoon, the seat shell is designed to offer discretion and a feeling of security and well-being.

Plastic beautifully melds with wood. The polypropylene seat shell has a fine surface texture and comes with a palette of five harmoniously matching colours. The seat shell is solidly fixed to four solid wooden legs via a steel mounting. The legs are made of beech as standard, optionally made of either oak or walnut.


Brand Kusch+Co
Designer Norbert Geelen
Stock status 8 weeks leadtime