Transform your house into a home

Transform your house into a home


After a hard day’s work we just love to plonk ourselves down on the sofa, which is entirely justified, as we do need relaxation. Let the evening begin. Be at your best where you feel your best. At home.

Coming home

Equip your home with comfort and create a unique atmosphere with Gispen furniture. Designed by talented designers, who abide by the credo of ‘playing with tradition’. Playful, functional and sustainable. Well-designed accessories can also make things at home a little easier and more fun. By adding accessories with different colour accents to your kitchen, living room and study, you will enrich your complete interior.

The designer’s thoughts

I want to design recognisable and unique products which combine surprising simplicity with intelligence. I am fascinated by minimalism as well as structures. Both elements can be traced back to my work. My goal is to perfectly translate strong ideas into quality and functional products.

‘Furniture design must go hand in hand with comfort. This will present a demonstrative and graphical image’

Peter van de Water Designer for Gispen My designs


We eat because we need to and we eat together because of its social aspect. We do so at the kitchen table with family or friends. Eating is a social event; sharing a moment together and going over the day after a long day’s work. Lingering at the dinner table with a glass of wine is much nicer when sitting in a comfortable chair.

Do you have young children who make a mess while eating? Then it might be desirable to have an easy cleaning surface. At Gispen we understand that a chair must sit right, and that a dinner table must be sturdy. A house needs to be lived in and furniture needs to be used. We only use the best materials and we create clever and comfortable products which are full of design.

A name to be proud of

We have carried the Gispen name for almost a hundred years. Willem Hendrik Gispen had the vision to create designs which have grown into classics. They are mentioned and praised in many history books all over the world. And even to this day, new products roll off the assembly line, designed for the future. On their way to become classics.


Time off can be spent in many ways. Outdoors, but just as well at home reading a book or magazine, or even watching a movie. However, comfortable furniture is essential. A sofa which allows you to sit at the right angle, or an armchair with soft cushions which are just right. Sufficient support will ensure the muscles to relax so we can truly unwind.

The atmosphere of the house also plays an important role. A well-designed room with gratifying colours, shapes and dimensions will make us feel at ease. Comfort and design are Gispen’s starting points. We have made it our mission to design lounge furniture in which you just want to plonk yourself down after a hard day’s work!

The way we live

Because we are always curious about where our products end up, we often ask our clients to send us pictures of their latest Gispen acquisitions. We are also delighted to be surrounded by our own products at Gispen’s, which we cherish.
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