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MOXX provides existing dynamic offices with a secluded space suitable for activity-based working. The combination of glass walls and upholstered partitions makes for good acoustics and optimal comfort. This concept will also improve the acoustics of the environment in which it is placed, making MOXX truly one of a kind! This means that you will not be distracted by people’s conversations outside MOXX, or the other way around! Privacy is guaranteed.

It is due to the modular nature of MOXX that its shape, appearance and function are easily altered. The ventilation system keeps the temperature inside MOXX at a comfortable and constant level, no matter the size; the ventilation capacity will increase or reduce proportionally.

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A different shape, size, more or less privacy, new upholstery for the walls, a different furnishing layout, additional functionalities? The appearance, shape and function of MOXX can be altered, expanded or adapted in no time at all.

MOXX is a solid, cost-effective, versatile and sustainable alternative to a renovation.  

MOXX is easy to upsize or downsize due to its flexible, modular system. And because MOXX is literally detached from the office floor, its power provision, air supply and lighting is connected with only a single power cord. This makes it easy to relocate MOXX.

The walls of MOXX are constructed in a very clever way. The thickness of the walls, the dimensions and positions of the perforations as well as the sound-absorbing materials one the inside and outside of the unit are all perfectly matched. The system will improve the acoustics of both the inside and outside of MOXX!

The benefits of MOXX:

  • Modular system
  • Visual en acoustic partition
  • Positive acoustic value inside and outside MOXX
  • Activity-related working
  • Easy to alter on-site
  • Future-proof
  • Contribute to the Circular Economy by means of returns and reuse


MOXX units are suitable for open office areas where people need privacy and where there is a need for conference areas and a quiet meeting place or workspace.  MOXX is ideally suited for multi-functional offices that adopt an activity-related work method. 


All the components of MOXX are modular. By changing the size of the unit you can  change the application.

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Brand Gispen
Designer Basten Leijh