Order Gispen products easily online

Order Gispen products easily online

Gispen Webshop

The Gispen Webshop is an online procurement system which we can fully tailor to your organisation. You can decide whom you wish to grant access to the system.

Departments placing their own orders

It has become a trend for hospitals, educational institutions and other large organisations to have departments manage their own procurement of furniture. They receive a certain budget and can spend it on new furniture as they see fit. In order to keep some control over the procurement process and to prevent a surplus of products, more and more organisations are opting for a webshop  to procure products. The Gispen Webshop only contains the products that have been compiled for you in a digital catalogue. These products are easily ordered online via the webshop.

Dienst Gispen Webshop

What can you expect?

We will set up a Gispen Webshop for you which will only be accessible via a login process. You decide who is granted access and who can order products. The webshop is very user-friendly; every employee with access can quickly and easily find and order the product they need. Every product is provided with:

  • Product images as well as artist’s impressions
  • Product description
  • Ordering units and price
  • Documentation such as user manuals and brochures
  • Order button and shopping cart

Ordering is carried out via a secured connection. When placing an order, you can directly specify a delivery location and/or a contact person. Each order is followed by a digital order confirmation. If users encounter any problems or if you are in need of advice, they can contact our Sales Support department via an online chat. The order history is easy to consult.

Technically, there are two options:

Open Catalog Interface (OCI)

We will integrate the Gispen Webshop with your own procurement system. Your employees will simply open your company’s procurement system and access the Gispen Webshop from there. When they procure a product, it will first pass through an internal check and will then be converted into an order.

Individual ordering webshop

You will provide us with a list of email addresses of the employees who are to be authorised to procure via the Gispen Webshop. We will set up the webshop and create personal login accounts for these employees, including a budget and cost center, if desired.

What are the benefits?

The Gispen Webshop offers you a range of products which have been tailored to your needs and which can be easily and securely procured online by departments themselves. This allows the procurement department to focus on other tasks, such as contract management and other internal services. In addition, you are guaranteed of an interior design which will continue to have the desired look and feel, due to a wide range of matched products, materials and colours.

How does it work?

Dienst Gispen Webshop

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Please contact your Gispen account manager if you are interested in the Gispen Webshop. We will help you compile a digital catalogue of products you would like to include in the Gispen Webshop. 


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We can design a Gispen Webshop for you which is completely tailored to your preferences: Open Catalog Interface (OCI) – integrated into your procurement system – or an individual ordering webshop.

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You decide who is granted access to the webshop. If you opt for an OCI setup, you will arrange this through your own procurement system. Should you opt for the individual ordering webshop, Gispen will create individual user accounts. We can design the webshop in such a way that an appointed employee can give other employees access to the webshop. This means that you will not be dependent on Gispen Sales Support for this process. 


You and your employees can start using a user-friendly system for placing online orders of preselected Gispen products.

The employee’s thoughts

What I’m seeing is a growing trend of organisations that are enabling their employees to procure products via their own procurement system. The Gispen Webshop is easy to integrate into the system which is already in place. Many hospitals, educational institutions and other large organisations have already been experiencing the benefits of this method. A tried and tested system; the webshop is a pleasant and safe online procurement system, especially for repeat purchases.

Richard Zandink E-commerce & Online Marketing Manager

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