A complete overview and insight into all of your furniture

A complete overview and insight into all of your furniture

Furniture management

Combine the multiple branches of a large company or organisation, and you are dealing with a large quantity of furniture. Chairs, tables, cabinets for working, meeting, waiting and having lunch. Would you like to have an in-depth overview of what you own in terms of furniture? From the type of furniture up to and including the condition? We keep track of it all in our furniture management system. We manage it while you can always access it – reaping the benefits without carrying the burden.


A municipality with various offices spread across the city. An educational institution with multiple locations in the area. A large and growing company. All prime examples of organisations that have very large inventories of furniture. In such large-scale operations, one can easily lose sight of the bigger picture. Do we have any office chairs left for our new employees? Which tables need replacing? Good furniture management provides you with a complete overview and insight into all of your furniture, as well as it being a cost-saving solution.

What can you expect?

Gispen’s furniture management system includes detailed information on your complete inventory of furniture:
- Amounts
- Locations
- Age and condition of the furniture
- New value and replacement cost
- Stock

Gispen manages and keeps the system up to date for you. You can choose to only have access and have us manage the system or you can have direct access and update your own data. Good to know: the furniture management system manages all your furniture, so also that of suppliers other than Gispen. It is also possible to send a service request directly from the system. Does a certain product need servicing or replacing? Simply notify us through the system, add all the necessary information and Gispen will quickly take of it.


How can you benefit from this?

First and foremost: insight and a complete overview, from where you can take adequate action. You will no longer purchase any unnecessary furniture because you know the value of your inventory. You will know when your furniture needs maintenance. You will know where your furniture is located and where there is – perhaps – a surplus. In other words, you will have cost-saving information at your disposal. Most management systems are very wide-ranging. Gispen’s furniture management system, on the other hand, focuses strictly on your furniture and thereby provides you with very detailed information.


How does it work?

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We always start by meeting up in person. What are the ins and outs of your organisation? Is there strictly Gispen furniture at hand or are there also items from other suppliers present? What would you like to get out of the system? Do you wish to have read-only access or do you want to keep things updated yourself?



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You will be presented with a tailored action plan. In this action plan, we will also propose a periodic stocktaking for keeping the system up to date. If you require this service, we can start making appointments right away.

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If we receive your approval, we will get to work for you. First we will enter all the available data into the furniture management system. If it only concerns Gispen furniture, the data can be transferred directly from our booking system. If there is also furniture from other suppliers present, we will make a visit on site to take stock of it all. Lastly, you will be given a login account so you can access the system, which is also possible for multiple users if you require it.  


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We will make visits on site during which a periodic stocktaking will take place. We will check whether the current data is still correct and make changes and updates where necessary. 

The employee’s thoughts

‘Furniture management stands for a complete overview, insight and being able to take swift action when necessary. A large organisation that needs extra desks at location A, sees a surplus of desks at location B and can take direct action upon that. Gispen can also act upon the information the system supplies, so if there is a need for maintenance somewhere, a service request is easily made and followed up on.’

Jeroen van der Horst Gispen Manager Support

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