All logistics around meetings taken care of

All logistics around meetings taken care of

Meeting management system

Your conference rooms are furnished and fully sorted. They may even meet the most modern requirements. If so, you should not be lacking a meeting management system. An effective booking system will allow you and your staff to reserve rooms and book additional services in no time at all.

Managing conference rooms

Every organisation has its own way of holding meetings. From conferring in a single large conference room to having multiple rooms for flexible use – or both. The larger the organisation, the more choice there are, in general. This certainly holds true for multi-tenant buildings and open-plan offices. Proper management of conference rooms will contribute to an efficient work process. Double bookings or empty rooms due to unnecessary bookings as well as no-shows can lead to frustration. Gispen offers a user-friendly online booking system for conference rooms; Reflex RoomManager. A modular system with a great many additional functionalities.


Dienst vergadermanagement systeem

What can you expect?

In its essence, this meeting management system manages the process of reserving rooms quickly and easily. Using our familiar Outlook calendar, you can schedule an appointment and immediately reserve a suitable room. The system provides you with an overview of the available facilities, such as a beamer or monitor. In addition, the system offers many more possibilities – it will assist you in managing all logistics around meetings within your organisation. From any location, via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The additional possibilities of the system include:

- Booking additional services such as coffee or a lunch

- Monitors (inside or at the entrance of the conference room) via which users can sign in or off, giving a real-time status of the use of a conference room

- Welcoming monitor(s) in the hallway or reception area with an overview of rooms and reservations

Dienst vergadermanagement systeem

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit lies in being able to manage all the logistics around meetings in one fell swoop. Do users want to search for specific rooms on a specific floor? Or are they looking for a suitable space that offers specific amenities for a certain number of people? This is not a problem for the meeting management system, saving you and your employees valuable time (and money, of course). Double bookings and other logistical issues will be a thing of the past. Moreover, you will gain insight into the use of your conference rooms down to the last detail.

Online demo

If you would like to get a first impression of the meeting management system, you can apply for a non-binding online demo session. Please contact us if you are interested.


Dienst vergadermanagement systeem