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Product description

The Nomi bar stool makes sitting high off the ground a real adventure. The slender wire frame gives the stool a light-footed appearance. The comfortable seat makes the stool suitable to sit on for long periods of time.

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  • Slender design
  • comfortable
  • available in either 65 or 75 cm high
  • light weight


  • The frame is made of steel with a brushed-chrome finish and is provided with floor gliders.

  • The frame comes in two heights.


Nomi High stools are ideally suited for high conference or reading tables, as well as numerous applications within the hospitality industry.

Circular product

When we were designing Nomi, we already took account of any future returns and reuse of components and materials. Gispen takes responsibility for the entire lifespan of this product. When a Nomi product has reached the end of its lifespan, Gispen will take the product back and give it a new function or refurbish it. We value Nomi at three stars due to a circular score of 68% on our circular ladder.


Circular design framework Gispen Nomi


The seat and back of Nomi are the same across the entire range of models. The cover is also fully interchangeable. The frame comes with a chrome finish as standard, but other finishes are available upon special request. The shell comes in six different colours. Moreover, the bar stool is provided with floor glides, with felt for hard floors or plastic for carpet.


The Nomi bar stool is part of the Nomi chair collection, which also includes the Classic, Wood, Design, Work, Project and Comfort models.


Nomi Classic is part of the Nomi chair collection that also includes Design, Wood, Work, Project and Comfort.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Nomi
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