‘A pleasant, comfortable and inspiring work environment will increase people’s performance’

‘A pleasant, comfortable and inspiring work environment will increase people’s performance’

Office furnishing

Change is the only constant factor for many organisations. At the same time, we all want to offer our employees a pleasant, healthy and comfortable work environment where they can achieve the highest results. Most ideally an environment in which the unique features of your organisation stand out immediately. Other contemporary requirements are flexibility, efficiency – clever use of the available square footage – and sustainability. Sustainable design is Gispen’s answer to this set of requirements.

Sustainable design

Gispen creates well-thought-through and sustainable environments which positively influence people. We design and realise complete and fully-custom work environments that support your identity, objectives and work processes. Our strength lies in our many years of experience in the field of (circular) furnishing, our furnishing philosophy Life at Work, our own design- and production facilities and a vast network of partners. And last but not least: short lines of communication and driven employees, who give clients and colleagues their undivided attention.

The client’s thoughts

‘Innovation is what drives our campus. Our Center Court encourages people to meet, brainstorm and pitch ideas to one another. The furnishing of the building is a key factor in facilitating this. People must feel at home right away and feel free to open up to others. The furnishing that Gispen came up with has the wow factor we envisioned. A sustainable furnishing that inspires, connects and is comfortable at the same time. Gispen’s many years of experience has contributed to accomplishing this. At the same time, they have the ability to match things perfectly with what we stand for. Gispen has made a sport out of translating our ambitions into an interior design.’

Maurice Olivers Brand Manager at Brightlands

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Featured projects

Interested in how we use our furnishing philosophy and how we work together with our clients? Have a look and be inspired.


Een dag werken aan de keukentafel in plaats van op kantoor werd de afgelopen jaren populair; geen reistijd, rustig die lastige klus uitwerken en tussendoor even de hond uitlaten. Een fijne afwisseling die de productiviteit ten goede kwam. 

Maar nu is thuiswerken voor veel mensen ineens noodzakelijk en een dagelijkse werkelijkheid. Daarmee groeit de behoefte aan een goede thuiswerkplek. Met de tips van onze experts voor optimale werkplekinrichting en de juiste stoel kom je een heel eind. 

Op zoek naar meubilair om thuiswerken voor uw medewerkers te faciliteren? Bestel vandaag nog! 

Thuiswerkplek actie Gispen

Gispen’s office team

Gispen has its own team of specialists for the office sector. Consisting of interior architects, office staff, business managers, account managers and project supervisors who have been working together with organisations in various fields. Seasoned professionals who take the time to listen to your particular needs, but who will also give you an honest and expert opinion from their know-how of the industry. And whether it concerns new construction, existing construction or renovation: our professionals will always share their expertise in coming up with a solution that suits your current situation and that of the future.


Er zijn enorm veel veranderingen gaande, zowel in de maatschappij als in de manier waarop we werken. Als interieurontwerpers zien wij de trends, de marktbewegingen, de grotere veranderingen. Die geven we in onze adviezen en suggesties weer door aan onze opdrachtgevers.

Heeft u vragen of wilt u eens vrijblijvend verder praten over Interieurontwerp? Neem contact met mij op.

Carola van de Bilt Interieurarchitect Gispen

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New: Team table collection

Circular housing and furnishing

Benefits for your company

  • High-quality furniture
  • Value-retaining furniture
  • Be guaranteed of that ‘new’ feeling, even when it concerns refurbished items
  • Only pay per use
  • Contribute to the environment

Benefits for your environment

  • Loss prevention of raw materials
  • Less eco-tax
  • An increase in local employment

Inspiratiebrochure Kantoor

Inspiratiebrochure Kantoor

Inspiratiebrochure Kantoor

In deze brochure geven wij u een blik op de talrijke opties die er zijn voor de inrichting, indeling en sfeer van uw werkomgeving.

"Vraag direct een inspiratiebrochure aan via het contactformulier hiernaast"

Martijn Jacobs Businessmanager Kantoor

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From inspirations to revitalisation

U kiest welke service u van ons verlangt.

Nummer 1 | Gispen


-        Working process scan: what is your current method and how can it be improved?

-        Workshop office innovation: what can a new work method do for your office layout?

Nummer 2 | Gispen


-        From a raw sketch to a preliminary design to a detailed design for your office environment

-        Including project consultation and management

Diensten Projectmanagement

Nummer 3 | Gispen


-        Installation and assembly

-        Cable management

-        Workstation user instructions

-        Renting out temporary solutions

-        Leasing: alternative financing 

Nummer 4 | Gispen


-        Technical and ergonomic maintenance

-        Storage and inventory management

-        Inventory control

-        Office furniture relocation 


Nummer 5 | Gispen


-        Interior and office atmosphere redesigning

-        Adapting your interior to new working methods

-        Returns and, if possible, recycling of your furniture if no longer eligible for refurbishing 

Consultation & project management

Fully supporting our clients is part of our philosophy. This is what we always strive for. There is nothing we like doing more than making you experience the joy of being confident of a good outcome from the very start of a large project.

‘Supporting the client during a project starts with open communication’

‘Supporting the client during a project starts with open communication’

Meerten Castelijns Business manager Gispen

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