Creative boost due to ultimate pleasure at work

Creative boost due to ultimate pleasure at work


A pleasant, comfortable and inspiring working environment will increase people’s performance. That is our conviction. ‘Be at your best’ is what we stand for: through/by/with our products and design in working environments, in which your people can get the best out of themselves. Added to that are our core values: Design, Sustainability – we strive for maximum reuse of products and less use of raw materials – Innovation and Inspiration.

Gispen kernwaarden

The client’s thoughts

Innovation is what drives our campus. Our Center Court encourages people to meet, brainstorm and pitch ideas to one another. The furnishing is a key factor in facilitating that. People must feel at home right away and feel free to open up to others. The furnishing that Gispen came up with has the wow factor we envisioned. A sustainable furnishing that inspires and connects and is comfortable at the same time. They were particularly good at finding solutions that suit us and their many years of experience in the furnishing trade really shows.   

Maurice Olivers Brand Manager at Brightlands

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Flexible & innovative office concepts

The impact of technological innovations on organisations and the many ways of working is drastic and fascinating at the same time. Notions of time and place have become relative. Digital information can be accessed from anywhere. Professionals can perform their tasks wherever they want and be physically present at one place, and virtually at the other. Gispen has provided the latest generation of workers with flexible and innovative office concepts. What suits your organisation best? We will determine that together. And do so according to our furnishing philosophy 'Life At Work'.

Our design philosophy

Gispen can create a suit tailored to every type of organisation. Firstly, we will look into the activities and working processes of your organisation, which are the starting points for a new, altered or revitalised working environment. From working together to focussed working to meetings: we offer multiple solutions for every type of activity. You determine what suits you best.

Consultation & project management

Support. This is more than just a word for Gispen and we have used it countless times in the past couple of years. There is nothing we like doing more than making you experience the joy of being confident of a good outcome from the very start of a large project.

‘Supporting the client during a project starts with open communication’

Meerten Castelijns Account manager Gispen

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We are all different. Some of us need a quiet setting to concentrate and will be inclined to isolate themselves, while others are perfectly able to focus in a noisy room. Gispen’s flexible products will ensure that everyone can make their own decision. Our ‘Ellen Lounge’ for instance, which is moveable and suitable to be used as a workstation in a concentration zone. The tabletop is slidable and height adjustable. Ellen is also very suitable for informal meetings.

Working together

Working together with colleagues. Whether you work in a small or large group of people, it has become ubiquitous in our current ways of working. The most productive teams consist of both introvert and extrovert people. The ideal working environment serves both. For instance, facilitate a break out area near the consultation room, where the more introvert workers can gather their thoughts. You can also alternate consultation workstations with cooperation workstations. Gispen offers a wide variety of options, from duo- to team workstations.

About the project team

Creating the best possible office environment demands vision, experience and skill. Gispen’s project team possesses them all. A team that deals with various challenges on a daily basis. Such challenges include furnishing in a sustainable way, arranging the manufacturing of furniture and making sure the first use of a new working environment runs smoothly.

‘Each project demands a certain level of knowledge and experience’

Egbert Bos Account manager Gispen

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Efficient meetings. Those can be held in the ultimate, designated consultation environment. Did you know that research has shown that square rooms with square table setups are not ideal? Gispen will assist you in considering what is relevant such as your locations, the type of meetings that will be held, its participants, goals, desired means of technology for communication and presentation, the desired look (formal or less formal?) and most suitable furniture. The result will be a profitable consultation environment where efficient meetings are held. Well thought through and of high quality..

The professional’s thoughts

Research had already proven that people who stand during a meeting actually have shorter meetings (34%) and are probably more productive and more creative. However, in 2010 the market did not provide any furniture that supports such kinds of meetings. So at the request of Peter Vink, Gispen developed a prototype for a new type of conference table: the height adjustable conference table.

Prof. Dr. Peter Vink Professor Industrial Design TU Delft

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Even better: the Sit/Stand conference table

The conference table which can be adjusted in height at the push of a button. It’s so straightforward, you begin to wonder why it hadn’t been invented earlier. Gispen developed the Sit/Stand conference table at the request of Peter Vink, researcher at TNO and professor at TU Delft. Gispen’s prototype was tested extensively by TNO. The results exceeded expectations. Standing while having a meeting is not only quicker and more efficient, the fact that people can decide whether to stand or sit down has also proven to have a positive effect.

Conference room furniture

There are all kinds of meetings; short, efficient, dynamic, formal or informal. We can provide a tailored solution for any kind of meeting.

Other projects

Interested in how we use our furnishing philosophy and how we work together with our clients? Have a look and be inspired.
More examples

Improve your workstation right away

Looking for a pleasant, ergonomic and new workstation right now? We offer a wide variety of products in our webshop, which allows you to order with ease, have a safe checkout, and a quick delivery on top of that.

Working at home

The definition of ‘living’ has been lifted into another dimension the last few years. No longer do we solely use our homes for living purposes, we also work there. The phenomenon of ‘working at home’ is known to many people. Not only do we eat at the kitchen table, we also install our laptops there to work for a couple of hours in the afternoon. You don’t even need to sit at the table to do your work, why not use the sofa and grab a tablet or smartphone. Such changes also demand a change in furniture, which we understand at Gispen. We will therefore make your home as comfortable as possible. We’ll just call working and being at home, ‘living’!