Loose cords and cables tucked away safely and aesthetically-sound

Loose cords and cables tucked away safely and aesthetically-sound

Cable management

Loose cords and cables around and under your workstation can greatly interfere with your activities. Our cable management optimises any workstation to a more practical, ergonomic and safe work area.

Gispen offers a wide range of cabling options giving your workstation or conference room that tidy look. No more untidy cords or loose cables. An ICT department that can work more efficiently. A tidy workstation will take the cleaners less time to clean. 

Bekabeling en abelmanagement voor werkplekken | Gispen

The client’s thoughts

‘When we moved to a new building, Gispen completely furnished four storeys, including cable management. Right from the start, Gispen’s designer showed us in great detail what the workstations were going to look like. He showed us where all the cable ducts, the telephone and the additional power sockets would be positioned. This was very helpful. Gispen worked on 300 workstations and 40 project setups for us. We were under an extremely tight schedule, but it all went surprisingly well. At our previous building, we managed this ourselves, and it definitely showed. Our cords and cables are now all neatly tucked away – a long-term investment which makes flexible working even easier.’

Saskia Hahn Manager Facility Management at Leaseplan Corporation

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What can you expect?

We will listen to your wishes and shall neatly tuck away all the cords, cables and connections of your workstations and conference setups. Would you prefer our full service? We will then take care of all connections and cabling directly when (new) workstations are installed. We will also supply data cords of the right length and power sockets with connection cables. Moreover, our services include a range of accessories: from CHU-holders, cable cubbies in or on top of the tabletop to cable tubing. Whatever you need, we can supply it.

Kabelmanagement en bekabeling voor werkplekken | Gispen


What are your gains?

The benefits of optimum cable management:

- tidy and orderly workstations, with more freedom of movement for users
- easy to clean
- prevent technical errors and discomforts


The added benefit of Cable Management by Gispen is that you are guaranteed of experience and expertise. You will always be appointed a single point of contact. We only work with qualified professionals. The service technicians are fully up to date with the NEN 1010-standards that apply to your particular installation or are adequately trained persons who work according to the NEN 3140-standards when handling equipment, from computers to power sockets.

How does it work?

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If you have called upon our services for a new interior design including cable management, then our specialist will be directly present at the first meetings of the project. We often present a trial setup to our clients, to make it easier for you to determine whether our solution meets your needs. 


Would you like to make use of our cable management services at a later stage? In that case we will first listen to your requirements and will then make an action plan based on the current situation. 


Gispen kabelmanagement

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Our specialists provide a tidy and orderly solution for all cords, cables and connections. If the project includes large numbers of workstations, we will devise an action plan together and make sure that your employees are hindered as least as possible during their day-to-day activities. 

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We will check all workstations and/or conference setups to make sure that everything is correct and functioning as it should. 

The professional’s thoughts

‘Ideally we start a project by making a blueprint. A blueprint is in fact a trial setup of a number of operational workstations. We prefer this method because this allows the client to see, feel and experience what our cable management solutions are like. And this is also the perfect time to discuss whether our solution is in line with what the client has in mind. If not, we can easily change the setup at this point. Our services do not stop here, however. We stay involved, even when the workstations are in use. And even then will we be satisfied with only the best of results – this sometimes means that we must start over and disconnect everything. We strive for a practical, responsible and ergonomic place of work for everyone.’

Sandy Romijn Head mechanic Gispen

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