Optimum use of furniture due to instructions and workshops

Optimum use of furniture due to instructions and workshops

Advice on ergonomic working

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of ergonomic furniture. This is something that directly shows in interior designs, with an increasing number of adjustable products. However, do the users actually know how to make adequate use of these adjustable desks, chairs and tables and, by doing so, apply a good working posture? Gispen can assist your employees in the form of personal advice, plenary workshops and instruction videos.

Ergonomisch advies

Working in a safe and healthy way

As an employer, ergonomic furniture allows you to safeguard the health and safety of your employees as well as providing them with some much needed comfort. Our desks can be adjusted to anyone’s preference and meet all health and safety requirements. Computer monitors are fitted to monitor arms at the right height. You can purchase the very best of products and materials, but it is up to your employees to adopt the right working posture. Gispen can provide advice on ergonomics to keep your employees healthy at work.

The client’s thoughts

‘Gispen has supplied our company with 560 Zinn office chairs. You have invested in good chairs; that demands good advice, which is why everyone was given instructions on how to use the Zinn office chairs properly. We have even had an instruction video made for our intranet site. Gispen also organised three plenary instruction sessions. Together with Gispen and Gardien, we have adapted the existing workstations to make them perfectly compatible with the new chairs. Every employee now has their own personal workstation profile. A method I can recommend to everyone.’

Bart Langendijk Facilities Atradius

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What can you expect?

During these sessions, we will take a closer look at the following questions:

- What is a healthy working method?

- How do you utilise ergonomic furniture correctly?

Gispen provides users with tailored advice. In addition, we organise plenary workshops – also on site, if required, or a combination of the two: plenary instructions first, and those who still require it, can receive personal advice right at their workstation. We also make instruction videos and ergonomic profiles.

You can call upon our services at any time. We prefer to be proactive when it comes to giving advice: our interior architects have already taken ergonomics into account when they make a proposal for a new or altered furnishing. When installing (new) furniture, we give advice and provide user instructions proactively. We can also do so reactively – helping you solve serious health issues the second they arise. It often occurs that this is done in consultation with a health and safety association.

How can you benefit from ergonomic working?

Employees who can work in a safe, healthy and comfortable way are more productive. This is beneficial to you both: happy and healthy employees as well as maximum yield from your investment in ergonomic furniture. Our professionals know the furniture like the back of their hands and are also up to date with the latest health and safety requirements. We can fully unburden you and provide a tailored solution.


How does it work?

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We always start with an interview. What type of work environment and furniture are we dealing with? Are there any specific requirements? If there are problems and you call us in: what kind of complaints are there and whom do they concern? We will also go over and establish the type of advice that you require: individually, plenary sessions or a combination of the two.

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Based on your situation and requirements, you will be presented with a proposal and a quote for advice on ergonomic working. This proposal is always tailored to your specific needs. We offer the following services:

- individual user instructions at the office

- plenary sessions for groups of employees

- trial setups based on your own furniture for group instructions

- an ergonomic profile for individual employees (which they can always fall back on if they need it)

- digital user instruction that can be posted on intranet

- a custom instruction video; shot on site, with your own employees and products included

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 If we receive your approval, we will get to work for you. We will make concrete agreements as to dates and times on which we will come to visit and give advice. This is always done in close consultation with you.

Ergonomisch advies

Optional: recurring appointment

A recurring appointment can be arranged if you require it. We will make a visit at a later point in time during which we will check on the progress. Those that need extra instructions or advice can receive it, either individually or in groups.

The professional’s thoughts

‘Working in a safe, healthy and comfortable way. This is something we all want. It’s not a coincidence that there is a growing demand for ergonomic furniture. Working together proactively is ideal. A good proposal from our interior architect is one in which ergonomics have already been taken into account. Personal or plenary instructions directly after the installation of new furniture can give that one push to really start working in an ergonomic way.’

Goos Vollema Ergonomics Advisor

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Hieronder ziet u een selectie meubilair met belangrijke voordelen voor een ergonomisch verantwoorde werkplek.